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    I noticed that weapons seem to avoid the %stat variation in bonus potential for some reason, for example, a level 71+ weapon will always get 6% ATT/STR/DEX/whatever, but a level 71+ armour or accessory can get 4/5/6% of the same stat. Is this intentional? Does it function that way in KMS? I know they revamped the bonus potential system ages ago and I dunno if this is just something that was leftover and forgotten about or is intended functionality.

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    Yeah, it's intentional. The Bonus Potential revamp made it so weapons would receive, I guess you could call them "normal" potentials (the same % stat (ATK, MATK, STR, DEX, INT, LUK) as normal potentials at a given tier), while no such change was done to anything else.

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    well attack % and stats used to be lower on weapons, before the revamp I had two lines of attack % and one line of all stats % on my claw. I forget the initial value but both jumped up to 21% attack and 9% all stats in total. I don't know if this really helps, so sorry LOL



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