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  1. Default Hope Maplestory2 save yall

    maplestory 2 might be good....

    unlike the updated maplestory we got now.....

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    Default Re: Hope Maplestory2 save yall

    nek minnit

    pay2win just like the current one we are in

  3. Default Re: Hope Maplestory2 save yall

    Please, stop it. You do not need to post a new thread every time you have a though, idea, or comment. We have a Maplestory 2 thread, use it for posts like these. This is not going to start a meaningful discussion and does not really have a point. Thank you.

  4. Default Re: Hope Maplestory2 save yall

    You're pissing me off. Like legit, people like you ruin credible criticisms because you're whining. You can sit here all day and night and rant to me the most obvious problems that we all know about.

    But what are your ideas for change? To bring back maplestory to pre-big bang state? Okay, how about all those who spent thousands of dollars on characters? How are they compensated, how do you honor their investment?

    Your conclusions are based on very juvenile and frankly stupid observations based on no merit but your own credibility which has already been tarnished on the main forums and deteriorating over here.



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