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Thread: Maplestory 2014

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    the exp was so easy.... i literally got to level 50 very quickly.....

    i did a pq literally sitting there letting my other party members fight and leveled up 3 times in the row...........

    i got on level 70.... went to another pq .... level up so fast 200k exp just sitting there..... testing it out how the challenge was.....

    at first i thought people was trolling about how fast it was to level........

    well there u go.... level 100 in two days... but doing really nothing......

    so then ill ask questions and see where the drops and good mesos were at i went to some random locations they told me to go where i can find good stuff at....dont even remember the name of it i dont even remember how i even got the jobs someone had guided me to get the jobs.......

    so i was just fighting... and fighting..... and what do you know ! im getting good drops after 30 mins to and hour sometimes 3 -4 hours kinda random times....... but wow ! people are complaining about drops ???????

    boy oh boy ! that nothing compare to how many hours i had to wait for drops..... well so i did the drops on my spare time for 2 weeks.... and wow... i didnt know how many random good drops it was ....

    never in a million years i would have seen these items in the old maplestory..... but i felt no achievement i remember the Z helmet felt so great to get..... now its like -_- eh.. whatever now....everyone cares abt how high they attack and KSing .....

    non of tht should even matter no more everyone can attack high everyone can kill all the monsters literally need no team work ..... everyone is can hit high ... its pay2win if you do not have enough spare time to earn everything....

    i go to different worlds.... no one is there ... everything is empty i mean there are some places 30% fulled......... even the freemarket in channel 1 is pretty much low ! ........

    wow i think they shouldve made changes.. but not too many changes in the game..... maybe slightly make the leveling a little easier... but come on now even a 5 year old can do this.......

    welp got to level 115 deleted gave away my mesos felt no challenge after a month of playing didnt even play much due to playing other games and working and doing other stuff

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    Remove the '.' key from your keyboard please good lord.

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    Don't see how this is a problem.

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    i mean was there anything that was wrong that i said????

    like what the problem here im just saying my experience on it... stating facts......

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    i mean im not saying its a problem i was just a figure of speech on how easy it is.... i mean VERY EASY.......

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    I was just being snarky haha

    No theres nothing wrong with what you said, problem is your perception of what maple was/shouldbe differs from what it is now. All the challenges you used to aim for, zhelms, level100+ etc are all really low now compared to the actual challenges in the game.

    Theres better gear now, higher levels to reach and stronger bosses to kill. Its up to you if you want to aim for those, but right now everything you listed so far as being 'ridiculously easy' is a joke.

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    Whenever... someone... types ... like this... reminds me of Stevie from Malcolm in the middle.
    I don't think Nexon actually cares about the exp curve at all. I belive they want you to hit 150+ then realize you overleveled and now you have to buy from the Cash Shop to get "decent".

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    I'm really not trying to be rude here, but:

    Please learn how to use the Shift key for Non-Acronym capitalization.
    Please learn what the comma does in grammar, and use it instead of a million periods.

    I point these things out not to be rude, but because your post is barely readable, and certainly not readable enough for the average reader to want to read it. I certainly didn't finish it.

    However from the responses (and the beginning of the post), I can gather two complaints:

    1) EXP Curve. The game's grind curve was so steep that the game was not fun. The change in EXP Requirements was necessary. Most people didn't reach 4th job. What's the point of having content that was nearly unobtainable without spending your entire life playing one game? Most people realized this and stopped playing. Nexon had to do something about it if they wanted the game to survive.

    2) You're complaining that the game has evolved and that which used to be rare no longer is. That's how MMO's work. If there is no new content, you don't keep players, especially over ten years. Do you really think people would still be playing if ZHelms were still the best helms to get in the entire game?

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    It's been a while since we've had a "Rose-tinted glasses" topic.

  9. Default

    well that makes the game even worse lol !

    yes but unfortunately non of that stuff you said has nothing to do with my income of hard work i do every day i can care less about that .... its not making my check get any bigger ... if its barley readable just prove how ignorant you really are that you cant comprehend ... i can care less if you can read it .... just next time you see my name just keep scrolling....
    there for im not going to read the 2nd part you wrote.. good bye ... thank you .. keep scrolling

    lol i mean gosh i used to have so much motivation when it was much more challenging.... i was hoping it would get alittle easier due to me not having as much free time as i used to but gosh

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    It has nothing to do with lack of comprehension. You've come here to complain, but your formatting is so horrible that it doesn't motivate one to read it, especially when the first sentence is an argument that has been gone over a hundred times and you've added nothing new to it. I could read it if I cared to, but you've given no reason to care.

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    Grinding =/= Challenge
    Nothing in Maple has ever been challenging. Clearly you've been playing the wrong game if you wanted something like that.

  12. Default

    yes it does clearly people understood ... they just disagree... unlike you trying to show off... " im not trying to be rude " that exactly what people say when they are trying to show off.... my first argument has gone over a million times but like i said before... i thought people was trolling .. i was basically wanted to experienced it my self... and the people who were saying that statement were right.... maybe the lack of your comprehension didnt get it...... i do not have to use proper grammar when im at work its a whole different thing im a total different person when im just at home chilling on my spare time i can care less.....
    my thread is not suppose to be nothing new .. its my experience i had on maplestory people do not have to care im not asking them to care... i just wanted to see how they look the whole situation.... of the new maplestory... i havent been on in a while ... so idk what other people talk about i seen a few threads...

    well i liked the grinding part.. i liked the fact it was hard to reach another level because the community was so much better to me.... i mean its my opinion we are not going to change each other minds...

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    and if you do not like what i post or cant understand it... just simply ignore and live your life... lol
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    This is what I get for trying to help someone.

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    Again, Grinding =/= Challenge. It was never hard to reach another level, it was just boring as pomegranate. Also, how did having a better community meant harder to level?

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    okay it wasnt boring to me... because people work together as a team to level up and beat bosses and during the process of leveling you get to meet cool people as well ... but i guess the few people that still play thought the grinding was boring.... but the other population didnt think so..... some people found it hard to reach another level.. some people didnt ....

    i see that the population went down as well... so i guess that will tell you something....

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    You made these posts on the official forums. Don't think you'll get any real different opinions. Another old topic that has been beaten to death. If you like grinding then grind?

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    do they have a private server ? i remember a while bacc they used to ..... i rather grind on other games sorry i dont want to grind and level up every 10 mins until im level 120 ... then 150 + finally get a little slow..... and get weapons quickly..... just not for me.... i was saying my experience of my first time getting bacc on... im not going to get bacc on but at the same time ill still have the memory of what it once was lol... i just wanted a good game for the little spare time i have lol

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    Population went down, because the game went heavily down the route of "Pay 2 Win". It has absolutely nothing to do with old Maple being "Harder". Plus the fact the game is around 9-10 years old.

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    yall wanted to level up faster..... so you get pay2win...... thats what happen to most of these games.... people cried about how long it takes to level... so they made it easier for yall to level up but then it comes with a price with it.... pay2win .... then here comes the hackers..... hackers do not care about getting they account banned no one really cares unless they actually put alot of real money into it

    because all they have to do is make a new account and bam ! level 120 in 3 days.... well i think i was level 100... i m not even a heavy gamer...... or a nerd......... and why is freakn easy lol


    people were already leaving before it became pay 2 win lol

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    So.... what is it you are trying to say? You're jumping all over the place.



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