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  1. Default Mesos or No Mesos?

    Hello people,

    This is a subject that has been around for a long time roaming in Maplestory communities, forums and what not: making mesos.

    Sometimes, I just feel that there are two major ways currently in MS to make cash: grinding mobs and bosses or roaming in FM, hoping that someone has forgotten a zero in their price.

    Needless to say, these two methods are both very... exhausting. As far as I'm concerned, I am simply waiting for the arrival of Auction House.

    The best option I've found is to hoard ores. I have something like uh... 100 Dex Crystals, 50 Luk Crystals and a dozen Lidium Ores. These things should give me a decent start fund for my future career of merchant in Auction House.

    What do you think about ways of making mesos? Do you have one golden method?

    As always, this is an open discussion, and any constructive comment is welcome!



  2. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    Bossing takes like 1 hour max...
    Checking fm takes like 5 min now with
    It's simple.
    Making lots of mesos, without spending lots of cash, will take lots of time.

  3. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    If you're going to farm ores/herbs, the fastest way is through Evo world (with high spawn/%drop). The ones that sell for the most are black crystals/juniper seed oils (of course, wisdom/luck crystals are more but you can't get them through Evo).

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    Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    you could make a girl character and gold dig. it actually works if you find someone dumb enough and desperate

  5. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?


    if you want nice ammounts of money without buying nx... you have to do all those things together actually... Boss, Merch and Farm it will take you few hours per day and you will still be way below the NX-buyers

  6. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    Thanks for your feedback!

    I am thinking of creating characters in Scania. After all, this server has the highest population, therefore highest volume in FM trades.

    After I have my startup fund, I'll be merching.

    Do you know any item that is high in demand, high in volume and consumable? If they are consumable, people are gonna come back for more, therefore keeping the demand coming.

    Thank you all for your help.

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    Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    Superior Item Crystals.
    and Cubic Blades.

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    Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    Grinding mobs is not a viable source of income. It takes hours of effort for next to know profit.
    Boss drops are only worth selling for the 1%.

    This basically leaves "exploiting" or farming event drops. Put in the time and make some reasonable guesses about future prices and you can make billions. Then you can spend the time inbetween good events buying/selling FM goods.

    I've given up hope on us getting the Auction House.

  9. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    Honestly, this was how I felt.... However, what makes you think that Auction House isn't gonna come? I remember Nexon publicly saying a couple times that they will get the AH to GMS.

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    Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    I've never seen them mention it. Ever. Source?
    KMS got it around RED and we're well past that now. So I figure it we were going to get it, we would have already. It's a really big deal and I can't see them not advertising it ahead of time which means we aren't getting it anytime soon- if ever.

  11. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    We even got the NPC and all, speaking about the AH, but it removed after a while.

    On the pro side, it was translated stuff.
    On the con side it was removed, and nothing official has been said about the system.

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    Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    if i had to sa waht┐s the best non-NX method for earning meso it'd be to abuse events to the next moon. i made some good molaah by farming craptons of +7 and such scrolls, prots and such and thn scrolling weapons. selling service and all that jazz.

    the money required to farm bosses that provide actual noticeable income per run is way beyond the average player and other methods (like the ores) may yield more long-term... but then you're not playing maple, you have a second job.

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    They said on the forums that the auction house is too bugged to be released atm.

  14. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    Meh, I don't think these are worth much anymore. Maybe you can make a total of 10 million at most.

  15. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    It seems the only way to make meso in the game anymore is to already be level 170+ with above average equips and/or godly friends. Or through NX or meso selling sites.

    I honestly don't understand how new players, who aren't willing to drop a couple hundred on the game at the get go, can get into a game like this.
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  16. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    If you're talking about flat out new players, it's because they don't understand the steep drop until they reach 130-140, assuming they don't pick a new class that doesn't hand stuff to them.


    1b costs like $8-13 dollars depending on where you go. For you to obtain that amount of mesos through specifically in game through looting and selling drops, it probably take you months to have that amount. compared to 2 hours of minimum wage.

  17. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    I am not quite sure why so many people are looking at the Maple Auction (House) as some method to pull themselves out of the lower class. I have read many posts/threads with people extolling its virtues but realistically, when you do not have anything that people want, it does not do a thing for you. At best, it allows you to play-and-sell at the same time rather than use one of the 1.8K Permits requiring you to sit in the FM. And if you are going the Etc. route, it might be worse since you basically enter a "pool" of those Etc. items.

    I would suggest that you find a crafter and ask what they need, people already mentioned Juniper Oils, Black Crystals and Superior Item Crystals, but I sell to a crafter that always seems to need Garnet, Diamond, Aquamarine and Red, Black, Blue and Brown Oils. Seeing as how no one else mines for those, I am pretty much his only supplier and he pays quite handily.

    As an aside, your post looks like a copy/paste of a screenshot.

  18. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    Thanks for your feedback guys. I came back to Maplestory because I believe that this game isn't 100% pay to win. I guess that we'll watch and see right? XD. I also didn't believe that I could make lots of cash in other MMOs without spending real money into it, and in both scenarios I was right.

    Sometimes, belief is more powerful than one thinks. This is what I have learned throughout my career of MMO gamer.

  19. Default Re: Mesos or No Mesos?

    hahaha that funny.

    you can get a big spider to boost your drops.

    however i am not sure whether auction house will help you make money. while it becomes easier to sell, we can expect supply will also dramatically rise, causing most commodities to become really cheap

    as for garnet, diamond @chilly - that is surprising. i used to sell them when i had a shop, but noone ever bought them. i still have hundreds or thousands on a mule.



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