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    I'm not surprised they're making another Borderlands game...but the oxygen thing sounds dumb with what limited information we have about it.

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    I'm definitely on board for this, I’m a bit of a sucker for all things Borderlands. Though i probably won't buy it at launch, it seems more like a large expansion pack than a proper game. The whole last gen stuff isn't an issue either since i'll be getting it on PC.

    The new weapon types seem cool I like the sound of the laser weapon that looks like it came straight from Ghostbusters. The freezing and ground pounding looks cool too. Having the Oz kits to add extra augmentation is nice but i hope the Oxygen is in plentiful supply i'm not really a fan of time limitations like that. But it does seem pretty plentiful since they have shown 4 ways to refill it so far. Also Claptrap wouldn't need oxygen.

    I hope Nisha has a full on pistol skill tree and dual wielding like the art suggests.

    Character Art

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    Anything BL is fine by me. Not much splitscreen co op games left these days...
    I hope they're working on a next gen BL too tho.

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    Eh, I dislike the idea of Interquels. They barely ever contribute anything interesting to the plot at all. I always think of them as a cash grab to try and drag out a story as much as possible.

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    It be cool if we could transfer our characters or something, I really have no interest in anything that the wiki can't already provide lmao

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    They were so lazy at coming up with playable characters that they just reused four existing NPCs, and one of them is Claptrap.

    I can't wait to hear the explanation they give for Cryo weapons existing in this game but not Borderlands 2, as well as why Claptrap is only capable of shooting a gun in this game.

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    I wonder how they plan to explain Athena's and Claptrap's involvement with the Hyperion Takeover.

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    I've never gotten around to playing the General Knoxx DLC for the first game, so I can't comment on what Athena's reasoning could possibly be.

    But Claptrap(s) is/are a Hyperion-manufactured robot. So it would make sense that he'd assist a Hyperion employee... Up until he outlives his usefulness to said employee.


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    This looks incredibly interesting, but I can't help but feel like it won't be a full game. It seems so radically different that I expect it to be about as long as a DLC pack. If that winds up being the case I definitely won't be getting this. If it's a full-on, fleshed out game then I'm totally in.

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    I was under the impression that that happened at the end of the last DLC pack for Borderlands 1. Never played it...but wasn't it the Claptrap revolution?

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    His product line was slated to be cut after the fourth DLC, ClapTrap's New Robot Revolution. He was the leader of the whole thing too, so I would expect Hyperion would have wanted to decommission him first.

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    Cash grab or not, I see some potential. Kind of had a feeling we would get some kind of playable moon level, and here we get a full on dedicated game. I'm an elemental junkie, and cryo was definitely something i felt was missing, so whatever class makes the best use of the elements is gonna be my first choice. I would also assume Gearbox/2k is also trying to raise a bit more funds for BL3.....maybe.....hopefully.



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