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  1. Default Hackshield error 0x30000030 (805306416)

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    I'm sorry if this has been posted before.
    The said error states that it's impossible to connect to the server (and displays signs of such behavior, loading basically nothing on the GameLauncher screen).

    Images of problem

    It's been around since last patch on my laptop (Windows 8), and doesn't seem to have a solution. D:

    I've tried rebooting; turning the firewall off; uninstalling and reinstalling with the newest setup (same problem); applying that Hackshield patch and replacing the folder on their website (nothing happened); clicking and running the Update thing (autoup.exe) on my HShield folder (says all the files are already updated and loops back to the same problem).

    This also affects the Patcher, making it impossible to update further. (A message saying that the system couldn't find the specified file appears, and the appearance of the patch window is basically the same as the Launcher one.)

  2. Default Re: Hackshield error 0x30000030 (805306416)

    it seems like something is blocking your ability to connect to the nexon servers. Whose internet are you running it on?

  3. Default Re: Hackshield error 0x30000030 (805306416)

    I've tried connecting through my home network (which is the case), the one in my university and my mobile one, all attempts ended with the same behavior. D:

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    i dont know anything about win8, but there's a 8.1 upgrade that seems to fix other win8 problems



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