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    Default Lego destroys souls

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    Default Re: Lego destroys souls

    They can certainly sap your will to live... when you accidentally step on one barefoot.

  3. Default Re: Lego destroys souls

    This is what I was expecting when I came into the thread.

  4. Default Re: Lego destroys souls

    Am I the only person in the world that had strong feet as a kid or something? I stepped on them all the time, I even broke some like that, and I could barely ever feel it. Then again, once when I was like 9 I stepped on a broken glass bottle and the cut was like, 2-3 inches deep but it didn't bleed at all, it was just a cut on the skin; there's still a scar there is all.

    I also ran around barefoot all the time on rocks and pomegranate, though. I sat indoors for the next two decades and now I get unexplainable cuts on my fingers that can only be from a plastic bottle of soap, because it's always when I get out of the shower. Maybe the water is cutting them, but I'm pretty sure that even with my low level of expertise on h20 I can say that water should not do that.

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    It's a good thing I never had a soul, it was fun playing with Lego back then.

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    Pff, next you'll be telling me video games cause violence.

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    how the pineapple does my little pony tempt children to Satan

    I mean granted there's the whole immortal scion of chaos villain, the villain who led a horde of dark shapeshifters in an assault against a nations capitol while also overthrowing a character that stood for goodness and light in a coup designed to sap all the love from the world to feed her dark army, that one crystal moron, and Pinkie Pie, but still.

    I can totally understand why he's against hello kitty though, pomegranate is EVIL.

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    This reminds me of all the people who were complaining about the Diablo series tempting people to evil because of the name of the game...even though it was a game about defeating evil and saving humanity from him.

    Honestly, this stuff has gotten to the point for me where it's not funny anymore, just depressing that people honestly believe this crap.

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    Meh, there will always be someone that belives in the most stupid pomegranate, the really sad thing is when it's news.

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    Every little thing is news now-a-days, which is a problem in itself.

    I don't think it's so much of a problem that someone believes this stupidity, but more that it's someone who has the ears of thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands. People will believe the most ridiculous stuff coming out of a priest's mouth, and I don't mean religious preaching, but this kind of idiocy.

    I guarantee you more than a few parents will not buy their children Lego-type products now simply because of this. And really, who loses out? The children. That's why it's depressing to me.

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    Default Re: Lego destroys souls

    no, i didn't step on them much but it wasn't that bad, i dunno what kind of legos these guys had.

    of course, stepping on one of THESE:

    is a whole different matter.

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    Default Re: Lego destroys souls

    >Legos, Hello Kitty, and My Little Pony destroys souls and is work of the devil

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    yeah, I used to have fun with legos and bionicles when I was a kiddo

    what does this mean?

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    Through furries.

    But I can see how legs lead to the dark side.

    • Spend Hours builing a 3,000+ piece set
    • Friend or sibling proceedes to break said 3,000+ piece set
    • Kills said friend or sibling



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