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    One of the greatest things about Nachos is that they are messy, yet taste so good. There are many variations of course, but this one had pictures that were tasty so I just had to make this.

    White Onion
    Ground Beef
    Chilli Powder
    Salt and Pepper
    Mozza and Cheddar cheese

    The Building

    Mmm definitely enjoyable. A bigger plate would have helped, but it was all right, staring at that massive thing and chipping away at it bit by bit, cannot go wrong with Avocados!

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    brb, lunch

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    The only part I don't like about loaded nachos is when they pile up the chips and put everything on top, because then there is nothing on the bottom/center chips. Plus if you let them sit they can get all soggy.

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    Sounding good right about now. Time to buy Tostitos!

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    Very nice! Something I like to do before cooking ground beef is, I take the meat and smash it in my hands. When you cook it, the beef won't be stringy, but more so the way you find it in tacos or chili. It takes more work, but I guess it's just the way I prefer it.

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    So when I was making this again, I did try breaking up the beef before frying it up, and it worked great, but best of all it gives the personal touch (no pun intended, hehe) to the meaty goodness .



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