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Thread: [Galicia] S> 15% Luk HTP - 1b

  1. Default S> 15% Luk HTP - 1b

    Just looking for some quick money out of it. I have already used an SoK on it.
    Whisper me in game/leave a comment/PM me/etc.

  2. Default Re: S> 15% Luk HTP - 1b

    It probably won't sell for 1b. I've had my 5 att 21% str up in khaini for days and highest offer is 750.

  3. Default Re: S> 15% Luk HTP - 1b

    eh, I've seen other tradeable 12-15% pendants sell for 700-1.5b so I don't see why this wouldn't sell for 1.
    I was going to transfer it and stick it up in my shop for 1.5 but when I went to trade it I'd forgotten about the HTP in my inventory that I use as one of my pieces of drop rate gear.

    Either way, it's not like I'm going to lose money on it.



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