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  1. Default Tot's Know How? 46-50?

    Hi everyone,

    So I've been leveling up some link mules and most of them I skipped through 46-50 because of Tot's Know How. However, on my Luminous and my Wild Hunter I was, or currently am, not able to skip through these levels. As soon as I finish the know how and I clear the last quest, it just shows me the checked quests. Before it would say "Next Level" and I'd level up. Does anyone know if this is an issue with some classes? Let me know. Grinding 46-50 has become a 30min nightmare. Thanks!

  2. Default Re: Tot's Know How? 46-50?

    I do not know if there are any new bugs with the system, but I do know that some classes got an easier time than others based on the selections of quests available.

    Some of the later levels should be purely going through tutorials though, and if those do not give you the level up button it is broken.

  3. Default Re: Tot's Know How? 46-50?

    The Next Level thingy broke for everyone on that level range.

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    I was able to do it on my Phantom yesterday.

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    Default Re: Tot's Know How? 46-50?

    I suggest what you do is check for that instant level-up ability every time you level-- I was following a guide on what levels the ability would come up for, but it seems that there are other levels that it lets you insta-level up for too.

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    Default Re: Tot's Know How? 46-50?

    I'm not 100% sure, but when I believe you have to do some required luminous quests before being able to auto level. I did the same thing recently with my links and couldn't on my lumi, only difference was in the quests it said I was required to do some lumi quests.

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    Default Re: Tot's Know How? 46-50?

    The quest at 46 broke for me on my phantom mule, but I was able to do the quest at 47-50 with no problems.



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