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Thread: April Fool's

  1. Default April Fool's

    There's always some pretty good April Fool's videos. I'll start off with Google's:

  2. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
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    Default Re: April Fool's

    All I'm gonna say is:
    pineapple THE RICK ROLLS TODAY.
    is that even a thing anymore?

  3. Flatpanel TV Straight Male
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    Default Re: April Fool's

    I like this google one a lot better, and heck of a lot more believable:

  4. Default Re: April Fool's

    LF> pokemon game for Ios/Android so I can play everywhere

  5. Default Re: April Fool's

    @Jon and I have been working on the Google thing. There are 150 Pokemon to catch and I have 13 so far (Jon has more).

    basically jon is a butt

  6. Default Re: April Fool's

    April fools is the best day ever.

    and I'm not only saying that because it's my birthday.

  7. Default Re: April Fool's

    Oh my god it's actually a thing god dammit the universe does not want me to finish this paper

    edit: me and my roommate have 35 already ajjajaja

  8. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Default Re: April Fool's

    Up to 60 now. Taking a break. There are so many repeats. :(

  9. Trump minus th money
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    Default Re: April Fool's

    Smartphone only?
    Well pineapple you too google

  10. Default Re: April Fool's

    two words:

    tumblr pro

  11. Donator Straight Male
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    Default Re: April Fool's

    some of those are genius, and oh my pineappleing god cloyster.

    edit:hawlucha made me snort.

  12. Default Re: April Fool's

    Blizzard Outcasts

    Best controller ever!

  13. Default Re: April Fool's

    What a robust controller xD. I've sort of always chuckled and find it amusing in what Blizzard tries to pull off for an April Fool's joke. Who knows if they really will create a fighting game involving their game franchises, that would be kind of neat...

    I still vaguely remember one of their old April Fool's jokes where they announced they were opening some kind of fast food restaurant. Zealot fries, cow king burger, zerg rush shake or all you can eat special... I forget what they exactly put, but I found it amusing... I feel old for remembering this for some odd reason, but it was back in the beginning days of WoW and when the classic games were still active and popular :d.

  14. Twitch.TV Streamer Straight Male
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    Default Re: April Fool's


    Much pink.

  15. I post a lot Bi Male
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    Default Re: April Fool's

    So fabulous.
    Such manly.

  16. Default Re: April Fool's

    I approve of the pink scheme. Eos pls, keep it.



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