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Thread: [Khaini] LF >> Hell Gollux Partner

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    Hey, I'm looking for a person who can clear the bottom mobs while clearing the Jewel and eyes. I can solo them no problem, but being a warrior, the mob counter ends up getting me every time. Of course, if you're a class that can attack eyes and bottom mobs at same time (luminous, xenon), that would be preferable.

    Just msg me here or in game if you're interested. I'm thinking we can alternate looting the coins and split the profits on the reinforced and superior pendants/belts. Preference is to have one run per day. (Takes about 10 minutes) My timezone is EST, and I would like to run it sometime 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM weekdays. (Weekends anytime after 11 AM)

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    Add me



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