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  1. Default Phone Icon in BL?

    What's this?

    I noticed only people with new created characters had the icon :S

  2. Default Re: Phone Icon in BL?

    have you tried calling them


    why is your one sentence crossed out?

  3. Default Re: Phone Icon in BL?

    Cause first I was sure these people have just created their chars today, but I added another one but that one didn't have the phone icon.
    I can't do anything tho. Like I can't click it or w/e.
    Am I the only one who has this in his BL?

  4. Default Re: Phone Icon in BL?

    Never seen that before o.o

  5. Default Re: Phone Icon in BL?

    It would be helpful to call the HSer that goes afk on you at HoH.

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    Default Re: Phone Icon in BL?

    Does it come with a ringtone?

  7. Default Re: Phone Icon in BL?

    Theory: What if you could use it to call them if they're on another character of theirs in the same server? o-o Curious, because you said it only came up for people with newly created characters.

    I have to stop sleeping so much; I'm loopy.

  8. Default Re: Phone Icon in BL?

    You might be loopy, but its a decent point.

    Maybe it's related to accounts that are not logged into that character in particular.

    Although if they were going to implement that kind of system I don't get why they didn't just make the freaking list Account-based and give us a very, very, very long overdue feature.

  9. Default Re: Phone Icon in BL?

    It is or was a feature used in KMS. It involved a cellphone obviously, but I forgot its purpose.

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    Default Re: Phone Icon in BL?

    I think it's related to connecting Monster Life with your cell phone, which is apparently a feature (?) I noticed it the other day because one of my buddies had the phone, it has since disappeared.



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