The name may suggest it is only for European players, but it is not. It's linked though, as it's main requirement is that you play during 'European times'. This being somewhere around 2AM till 3PM PST.

The main reason is because it is hard to find friends when you're from a different continent in a different timezone. So I am trying to bring these players together with my guild so we can have fun together.

We're pretty new and only have 3 active members right now (myself included) please don't let this keep you from joining.

There is a guild forum, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link that here.

What do we do?

Right now, we're having a silly 'challenge' to try out (Explorer) classes we've never tried before. We entered them into a randomiser and played them. Lack of creativity made us name them Orue. (which is Euro backwards). This has caused some hilarious comments. Since we're all around the same level, it's fun to PQ together and help each other out with quests.

When we hit higher levels, we do bosses together, like Hilla and get killed 9001 times. We're far from 'pro' or 'funded' but who cares as long as you're having fun.

I also like to help out with funding if needed or help by reselling your items in my FM store. (since not everyone can/wants to spend real money on this game.)


There are no other requirements other then that you're expected to follow the general ToS from Maplestory.
No level, class, mesos or NX requirements.
You can add as many active characters as you want. (active being that you play them at least once a week.)


To join, contact me or my Jrs on here or in game. (Bold are most active)
My Characters; Cathlee, Katnu, Keedran, Storagetwins, OrueSpear, OrueHeals, Sarcie.
Jrs; Beastlamer, OrueFire