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  1. Default Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    I'm curious of your feedback / thoughts on the v.148 update, in particular on the Grand Athenaeum.

    I had an explosion of feelings while playing "Episode I: The White Mage". It was just.. amazing, in every single possible way. The amount of feels and dedication they put in making it was astonishing. The BGMs are all very fitting (like TheStormyForest for the stormy maps), epic (such as TheAurora, which is one of my favourites), full of feelings (like DimensionLibrary). More than one was a combination of the three.

    The way you advance through the quests is well done, as you don't need to complete very long and exhausting tasks to proceed. The quests are very well-written, and I love them. I also like the "story" interface. It seems they got the importance of the subject, so they really gave their best.

    The maps' graphics is great and I love the setting of The Forest of Peace and The Great Aurora Temple.

    The graphics, along with the BGMs and the compelling storyline made it a great piece of content, one of the best in the entire game.

    I'll still haven't completed Episode II and III, but I will soon. Episode I definitely was a great start. It's a must-do for everyone who's interested in Maple's story.
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  2. Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    Episode 2 you mostly ran around doing errands, the last part of it probably gave a little interest making you feel for the war. Sort of like seeing yourself in Azwan. Episode 3 well... it was supposed to feel like a tactical mission, but it feels just too lacking and its actually a little too easy. I suppose the most well done goes to Ep 1, followed by 2, and 3rd for last.

  3. Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    The patch is good, Grand Athenaum is good place with good stories inside, but all my char's are over lvl 130 so it was piece of cake for me...
    Anyway, since the patch the game is freaking laggy, too much lags!

  4. Neutron
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    Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    Came back to see the changes to my mechanic. Hover mode is cool, but they managed to break Siege mode so you have to double-click the icon in the skill menu to get out of it.
    Don't see why they would revert to the old UI.
    Lost interest again after those first impressions

  5. Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    Missing my Cannon Masters Lolazer and the old UI but the patch is fine as content is content.

  6. Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    I really enjoyed having the character creation open again since I needed the Heroes for link skills. As for Grand Athenaeum, I had a blast reading the backstory of the Black Mage since it showed how he came to be since going through forbidden knowledge became his undoing.

  7. Water
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    Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    I have a question. At what point are you rewarded the extra pendant slot and about how long does it take to reach that point? The reason I ask is I have an extra slot right now and do not want to do the quest and receive the reward and waste days.

  8. Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    I'd enjoy the skill changes more if Nexon actually fixed the skill sounds too.

  9. Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    I think (not positive) that the "21 day pendant slot" extends your extra pendant slot by 21 days if you already have one. You get the 21 day pendant slot after talking to the NPC after finishing Episode III.

  10. Mercury

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    Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    I wish I could get the 7 day extension for the pendant slot as many times as I want, even if it costs some huge amounts of mesos per extension. As it is right now I don't really want to do the quest because there's not much use I can make of the pendant slot at the moment. And I don't have NX.

  11. Neutron
    IGN: Hayandra
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 2xx
    Job: Sharp Object
    Guild: PrettyPantys
    Farm: Dereliction

    Default Re: Grand Athenaeum Feedback

    Decided to check on my Hayato. Despite their retcon on the Hitokiri cooldown cutter hyper they now managed to make it a true 100% reduction. Hitokiri Strike is now fully spammable, the only limit being the animation.

    This amuses me



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