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    So, if someone could explain to me exactly what's expected when you play, I'd really appreciate it.

    I played a couple of rounds and each time offered me another unanswered question. Are you expected to actually kill the boss?

    Part of me feels like it's unfortunately very unbalanced, since the boss retains what I assume is their regular game HP. Or is it because I'm underleveled (lv. 111 beast tamer) and don't have crazy DPS to down it? Though that wouldn't make sense either because it's from level 60+ ....
    So is the point just to stay alive as much as you can and avoid your opponent? That doesn't seem very fun.

    The only reason I've won the past couple of times is because either I killed my opponent more times than I was killed, or my opponent wasn't able to kill me at all.

    Obviously when you're the boss it's pretty self-explanatory. Kill the player. So no question there.

  2. Default Re: Boss Arena Objectives

    whoever dies the least wins

  3. Default Re: Boss Arena Objectives

    Not true. Yesterday I faced a Kanna who kept healing herself and binding me, only allowing me to kill her twice. When she was the boss, she managed to kill me 8 times.

    I think remaining HP has something to do with it. I had all my HP left (she didn't do any damage) when I was the boss, but I managed to get her down to 40% when she was controlling the boss. I ended up winning.

  4. Default Re: Boss Arena Objectives

    I can barely take out a smidgen of HP on any boss

  5. Default Re: Boss Arena Objectives

    From update notes:

    In the case of both people failing to kill the boss and not running out of lives, I'd assume that whoever dies the least wins.

  6. Default Re: Boss Arena Objectives

    Oh well that's annoying. It goes by level. Makes sense, but oh how much simpler it would be if they arranged the matchmaking by level.

    nevermind i make no sense and can't read



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