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  1. Default Boss Arena Emblem

    I just got the Boss Arena emblem for my zero and basically I just wanted to ask how the emblem upgrades work. First time I got the emblem was after 10 battles, After my 11th, I was able to acquired a new emblem, same level but it had +1str and matk. Does anyone know how much this emblem can be upgraded? Do I have to keep winning battles to upgrade it?

  2. Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    I thought you had to buy the flame thing in the shop to reconfigure the stats.

  3. Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    Yes, and all the upgrades have the same low level.

  4. Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    Hmm, I can't seem to get another emblem again. Not sure how it works.

  5. Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    Each emblem depends on your rank. C, B-, B, A-, A, S. Each upgrade is 1 atk 2all stats I believe, but it seems like you lose your old one when you click to receive your emblem. I figured it actually upgraded like evo rings, oh well.

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    i think its 10 wins per upgraded emblem. i have not been able to enter without dcing

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    It's determined by rank, you can have 30 wins and 50 losses and be C rank only gaining the weakest emblem possible.

    Source: (noticed I got the As wrong but who cares close enough)

  8. Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    Anyone know if the emblem increases in level? or will it just upgrade the stats.

  9. Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    Just upgrades stats, stays lvl 60.

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    Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    The update notes say your emblem will downgrade if you drop in rank.
    Since you lose the emblem's potential whenever it changes rank, this would make any sane player stop doing Boss Arena as soon as they get the top emblem.
    For a game that tries to make all content infinitely repeatable (farmable / grindable), this is stupid design.

  11. Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    It's so slow to rank up. I have like 23wins and 4 loss and I am still on rank B-, I gave up and just cubed it.

  12. Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    It doesn't upgrade unless you talk to the npc to obtain the emblem. Downgrading well, I don't have experience with it yet though.

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    Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    Is there any table about what's required for each rank?

    I would upgrade it to just that 3 att one and then not put my foot in boss arena again.

  14. Default Re: Boss Arena Emblem

    To be B- you need 1100, B is 1300, B+ is 1550, that's just what I know so far. It's a pain to go further because its easy to bump into all those guys doing cap on your boss. Takes way too long to upgrade ranks.



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