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  1. Default How Do I scroll stuff now?

    With the new scrolling UI gone how do I scroll stuff that I don't want to wear yet?
    When I double click shield scrolls nothing happens, and I can't find the guy that gives legendary spirit

    and beyond that, how do I scroll gollux gear? When i try to use advanced gollux scrolls on my reinforced gollux pendant it says that it isnt applicable
    like so

    edit: the same thing happens with cracked/solid and the basic gollux scrolls

  2. Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    Legendary Spirit is still a thing. Go to Eurek the Alchemist and you should be able to buy the skill for 100k(?).

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    Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    I guess that since this scrolling interface comes from KMS, and they don't have Gollux...


    I liked the way our previous scrolling interface had the list of applicable scrolls all nice and tidy. I didn't like how it wouldn't let you pick which of several expiring items to use. Guess there's good and bad in every change.

  4. Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    why the pineapple don't scrolls work like magnifying glasses used to?

    it'd make life so much easier

  5. Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    Press the hammer button and you will be able to scroll things again haha

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    Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    It doesnt work with Gollux scrolls

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    Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    Sadly, you can only use Gollux scrolls on items already equipped, or with Legendary Spirit, which you can no longer obtain. :/
    I hope they at least implement an option to use the old UI; many people seem to be dissatisfied with this new one in general.

  8. Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    i swear, its like if you dont join in the idiot-box discussions on maple forums, you dont influence ignorant changes to things that really dont warrant changes.

    i remember a few months ago when we got the new UI there were a handful of complaints that kept building. Soon after, everyone accepted the change and it was fine. And why wasn't the Skills window kept? Doesn't nexon know how advantageous it is to see ALL your job skills at once? and to clearly see which are buffs, which are passive, and which are actives?
    remember when we begged for SP reset scrolls, cause when you scroll down in that FTINY window, you skip #ThatOneMiddleSkill ? What about the skills that require a previous job's maxed skill? lets just REMOVE THAT indicator too.
    Worst Update Ever @MysteryMask; I hope you're taking note of the massive negative response to UI retrograde.

    Thank you for Detailed Stats (Min/Max Crit, Status Resist, etc).
    (i.e. EVERY OTHER gui CHANGE)

  9. Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    You know, i had a similar rant (with better points) but i wasn't dumb enough to mention someone who has literally no power over it. Don't bother her with this crap and just deal with it.

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    Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    i like the tiny skill window, if i forgot to add a skill to my pets when bossing it's a smaller window in the way, plus this one actually shows by how much you're going over (i.e: +3 to skills). if it doesn't display required skills to max others then yea that needs changing, but i like my small window.

    same thing for the inventory window, this one is MUCH better, you want to see all your equips? just press the open thing and see them all, i finally know how many equip slots i have left to get! and during bosses it doesn't get in the way.

  11. Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    My Info seemed like a good idea, but it just took up too much space when you only needed one or two windows, which was most if not all of the time. Also worked horribly with the inventory's scrolling window. It's gone and I'm grateful.

    The combining of Equipment and Inventory windows made my Inventory button feel obsolete, and like the above, covered up too much space when I only needed one window, which happened less often and was actually kind of useful. I'd rather have less convenience and not be inconvenienced than have a little more convenience, but be inconvenienced occasionally.

    The new Inventory window is okay. It's much better now that's there's no white space around the Maple Points counter anymore. I did quite like the eight-square one, though I hated the fact that I could have half a row greyed out. The scrolling window is simplified, but to be honest I felt that the Unleashed scrolling window was more inconveniencing than anything, even if it was tidy.

    The Equipment window looks way better aesthetically, though the shifting of places could take a while to get used to. The character no longer appears on there, but I found that feature to be largely useless anyway. I guess it isn't needed now since the double window doesn't cover up like a fifth of the screen anymore?

    No complaints about Storage.

    The Character Stats window is much better now, though the shape does look a bit ugly when expanded. I also don't like how there are two range readouts (which give different readings for me, by the way) and I'd like total attack back.

    The Skills window could be a bit longer, but that's about it (think Zero or Beast Tamer?). The categorisation of skills into three groups just didn't work for me, though it was kind of neat.

    Overall, I like the change.

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    Equip menu looks too big for me, but storage and item inventory works fine for me. I love the expand button, nothing wrong with seeing your entire inventory all at once. I'm so sick and tired of clicking up and down for storage and inventory especially when I'm trying to sell stuff in FM. The new scrolling UI is semi bothersome though, I can't quickly scroll my things no more it takes more time than before lol.

  13. Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    You can't get Legendary Spirit anymore? Can anyone confirm this? Also is this Gollux stuff tradeable until equipped (scrolls/upgrades as well)?

  14. Neutron Straight Male
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    Default Re: How Do I scroll stuff now?

    @Typhoon; Gollux equipment is completely tradeable until it is equipped, at which point it requires a PSOK for every trade afterwards.
    Gollux scrolls are completely untradeable, forcing people to sell and buy them as service.

    Eurek the Alchemist (I think that's his name) no longer has the quest for Legendary Spirit, but characters who got it before it was removed already will still have it.
    I can't access the game right now, but I'll update this post later.



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