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    Default Min/Max crit as of athenaeum

    Not sure if this should be in the mechanics are even bugs section...

    But as of this patch, the stat window now shows min and max crit. This new functionality is quite wonky in some cases, where the min crit is shown in the window to cap at 150 and any other crit dmg mods would affect max crit instead.

    Here you may post any screenshots illustrating such cases. I will supply my own if my characters are affected by this, which I will figure out tomorrow.

    Is this visual only? If not, has this kind of thing existed before? Is this a good or bad thing? (well ofc it's neutral unless you capped with your previous mincrit and now you don't, but more of a personal question)

  2. Default Re: Min/Max crit as of athenaeum

    Accursed 2MB limit. I'll just link.

    Just to prove that I do indeed have an S Rank Hayato Card.

    Base, no buffs, no Explorer's Critical Ring. Hayato Card and Soul Shooter Expert.

    20% base + 15% from Soul Shooter Mastery + 6% from Hayato Card = 41%, makes sense. I have no passive maximum critical damage boosters.

    Now, what happens when I wear my Explorer's Critical Ring?

    20% base + 15% from Soul Shooter Mastery + 6% from Hayato Card + 10% from Explorer's Critical Ring = 51% minimum... but wait. I only have 50%, and I now have 51% maximum. Huh?

    Now let's try with Decent Combat Orders and no Explorer's Critical Ring.

    20% base + 16% from Soul Shooter Expert + 6% from Hayato Card = 42%. That's all good and dandy.

    Re-equip the Explorer's Critical Ring with Decent Combat Orders active..

    20+16+10+6=52, but again, I'm stuck at 50% minimum, and my maximum has gone up to 52%.

    Everything goes back to normal once my maximum critical is higher than my minimum critical, though. The math checks out.

    More interesting example is my Battle Mage. They don't get any passive maximum critical damage boosts, but they do get Battle Mastery, which gives 20% minimum critical damage and Staff Expert, which gives 15% minimum critical damage. I should have 61% minimum and 50% maximum, but they're reversed...

    But, there's also the 150 Hyper, Battle Master, which boosts maximum critical damage by 20%.

    Everything's back to normal now that the maximum has exceeded the minimum.

    Then there's Battle Rage, which explicitly states that it boosts minimum critical damage by 15%...

    But it goes and does this. P.S. Ignore my IGN. I was young.

    Weird. Seems that whenever the minimum is greater than the maximum, the minimum critical damage matches whatever the current maximum critical damage is, and then whatever is left of the minimum critical damage gets added onto the maximum critical damage.

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    Default Re: Min/Max crit as of athenaeum

    So.... everything makes sense?

    They coded it so that if your min exceeds your max, it wont add the excess to your min...but to your max instead.


    and you gain 20 min...
    you go to

    seems very fair. it definitely should NOT make it go to 160/150 since that wouldnt make sense... nor should it make it go to 160/160 because you'd gain a total of 30 points between the two stats instead of the 20 that you should be getting.

  4. Default Re: Min/Max crit as of athenaeum

    It was just a surprise to see. In the past, if your minimum critical damage exceeded your maximum, the extra minimum critical damage would do nothing.

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    Default Re: Min/Max crit as of athenaeum

    it still lacks field testing though, could just be a glitch of the window.

    also for some reason my window shows 50/77 damage, but when i use decent SE it's my minimum that goes up to 65/77.

    i haven't counted my actual sources and stuff though so who knows what's going wrong here.

  6. Default Re: Min/Max crit as of athenaeum

    I think your crit might actually be 177 min, 150 max before dSE.
    dSE brings that to 177 min, 165 max.
    As your min crit is still greater than your max, they swap the values around to get you 165/177.

    That's what I observed after adding my Hayato to the character deck.
    My status window unbuffed showed 150 min crit and 165 max crit, when Dark Knights have 165 min and 150 max with our basic skills maxed.
    After dSE, it showed 165 min and 165 max.
    Adding the Hayato card, I had 150 min, 171 max unbuffed, 165/171 with dSE.

  7. Default Re: Min/Max crit as of athenaeum

    Previous drk crit issues led me to believe it works that way - 'min crit' can exceed 'max crit', and if it does, your crit damage is max~min instead.

    It's weird that the UI would be smart enough to display them with the smaller one as 'min' though, Nexon usually doesn't accomplish that.

    Will log on my DrK once I've patched, I have an SS Hayato so yeah... lots and lots of min crit.

    min crit = 15 (base) + 16 (high paladin) + 10 (explorer crit ring) + 8 (SS hayato) = 54
    max crit = 50 (base) + 10 (high paladin) = 50 or 60 by weapon

    works out as expected.

    Also, I can finally have over 9999 wdef visible in my Paladin's stat window...

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    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
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    Default Re: Min/Max crit as of athenaeum

    this is what happens when i stop playing, nexon starts messing with stuff!

    apparently scholtex had also found out/though about it ages ago:
    so i guess we can confirm it now works like this? whatever is higher is the new max?



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