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  1. Default GMS's "World Map" as a Bubble Chart

    Not really proud to call this "art", but why not.


    I wanted to create a map similarly to a Dark Souls map:

    So I drew a version Victoria Island on a sheet of paper, found a bubble chart software that I liked (, and went from there.

    Turned out much more complicated than I expected it to be, heh. Proportions are distorted. Half the continents aren't even on the actual world map of the game, So I just put them where I felt best fit. I haven't played in over a year or so, so some locations might be missing, or ways to get there. Other cases is from myself just being lazy or tired. A lot of map names are mixed together, to create a separate name for another section of a road.

    Blue circles are towns. Pink circles are towns in dungeons. Golden boxes are roads/non-towns. Pink boxes are dungeons. Probably messed up on a few of them.

    I dislike the use of the default font, (I think it was Helvetica?) but I never felt like changing it. :x

    Victoria Island, Amoria, and Masteria

    The similarities of Great Hollow/Ash Lake of Dark Souls, and Sleepywood/Root Abyss of Maplestory, are mainly what got me started in this mess!

    Bigger Ben is listed as a town because as it was on the actual map, iirc. Plus there were no monsters on the first map. I was going to just have MesoGears, but it felt odd leaving out Bigger Ben. Later on I think I made similar locations without a second town thing. I could probably go the route of Magatia and its labs, cba atm.

    Haunted House isn't much of a town, if even one at all. Heck, I don't even consider Crimsonwood Keep a town.

    I could have made Masteria bigger, but it seems like times are changing. Masteria is to the left of Victoria Island due to taking the subway from Kerning City. Also, is it an underwater subway??

    Victoria Island:
    Arrows are very difficult to use with this program. :(
    Nautilus is basically in Nautilus Harbor, but since it had it's own world map, I made a town bubble thing for it.
    I view Dual Blade's main location similarly to Nautilus, even though there's no separate map.

    Zipangu, Maple Island, Coco Island, and Ereve

    Zipangu's roads are hard to deal with, since all the roads are called Zipangu. :(
    Showa is viewed as a separate island on the actual world map for Zipangu, iirc. I don't know if GMS has Showa's map. I fear going there because I still kind of get town lag. I could probably just go to Showa's street, but I'm lazy. Anywho, I connected the two because it made more sense considering there's walking way to get from Mushroom Shrine to Showa. We don't have Zipangu's Ninja Castle or Neo Tokyo, so I think that's it for GMS's Zipangu?

    Oh, and Zipangu is there because that's where it is on other version world maps, iirc.

    R.I.P. Mushroom Town of Maple Island.

    I don't like Ereve's road(s) :(

    Coco Island was originally just a blue circle on the water, until I made a Cannoneer and explored the area to name roads out. The location is there because the first part of the tutorial is "towards Maple Island" (How does an aquatic boat even get to a floating island? Maple Island is a floating island, right?). The final part of the tutorial shoots you to the Nautilus.

    I haven't tried Dual Blade, Xenon, Demon, Jett, Zen, Mercedes, Luminous, Phantom, Zero, and a few others if it even matters. So I'm not entirely sure on their locations or if I'm missing some, as I said before.


    Smallest section of the entire map?!!?
    Mini pseudo moon shape!!!
    Similarly to Ereve, I dislike the road(s). :(

    I think you can travel from Riena Strait to Lith Harbor (or vice-versa), never bothered to recheck. :x


    Such a waste of space!!! It was bigger before, but I decided to trim it down a bit to get rid of a column of those paper-length grid things. Yeah, the file is huge. ;;

    Can't remember much of what was said in the story of Edelstein, but just seeing it on the corner of the world map, and seeing how big it is (Around the size of the body of water around Ludus Lake?), thus I made it this size. I heard that KMS is working on a new continent? They should add onto Edelstein!!! Is Edelstein even a continent? Or is it just the town's name, heh.

    El Nath Mountains and Aqua Road

    These locations made much more sense before official maps of Ossyria were made for Maplestory... When the heck was Aqua Road leftward of Orbis when you move rightward?! lol. Orbis's exterior(?) maps were reversed eventually too, during Big Bang or when the El Nath Mountain map came to be? It's been too long, I can't even remember a difference on the map placements anyway.

    I've been debating whether or not I should add more to El Nath's dungeon. Like Sharp Cliffs, Dead Mine Exterior, Dead Mine Interior, etc. Typing this is giving me some motivation to do it, hmm... Might even make the lines around Orbis Tower straight...

    Not sure if the depths of Aqua Road are an actual dungeon. It was considered so back then though.

    Ludus Lake

    Almost every line is so perfect. *-* Korean Folk Town connecting to Aqua road is a mess...

    I should've probably made Altaire Camp's color pink, as it's basically in the theme(?) dungeon, but eh, maybe someday.

    Mu Lung Garden

    I added another circle to Ossyria which made the continent look even more weird, heh. Working on this made me worry more about Ossyria's size, but eh...

    Also, is there some water tunnel under Ossyria that takes you to Aquarium from Herb Town?!

    Nihal Desert and Minar Forest

    The Scale and the uh... Dragon!!!

    The research labs are part of the town Magatia, but I felt like making them "roads" instead.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should add onto Azwan and some of the other dungeons.

    Working on this region made me ponder why Orbis doesn't take us to locations like Herb Town and Magatia.

    Minar Forest:
    I would have added more around the area of "Battlefield of Kentaurus," but I just couldn't get a good layout to work, so have a triangle instead. It's like wings of a dragon now though!11 It's like I'm making weird constellations or something. Not only that, but, Ossyria looks like a face...

    Temple of Time

    This region is more like a dungeon than a region to me. But it's a region, so... Maybe I'll get used to it when I'm able to explore the place.

    It feels odd how the dungeon takes up more space than the actual region. I think I went road-happy with that dungeon...


    I feared that I had a similar issue with Minar Forest, but it worked okay... There's not much detail and the names are meh, but it works...


    Insert similar rant of Edelstein here. Although I'm not that far in the Novas' stories.

    I haven't ventured this place so I'm not too sure about the way I placed things. Heliseum seems like a dungeon to me, but idk.


    Dawnveil's layout is weird...

    I've never been to Tynerum so I hope I got things right.

    Commerci and Arboren

    Arboren is the only region I've been to in Dawnveil. So I hope I got Commerci right.

    Singapore and Malaysia

    I was going to put them next to Mu Lung Garden, but I cut some paper-space by adding them up North.

    I don't think I've been to Malaysia, and I don't think we have their Fantasy Theme Park. We instead go to Fantasy Theme World from Ludibrium. Different place, but where is Sakura Castle even located? or is that accessed through Zipangu?

    I forgot about event places like Happyville. Miiiight add that later...
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    Default Re: GMS's "World Map" as a Bubble Chart

    Cool project! Do you think you could upload the full thing as a PDF or something?

  3. Default Re: GMS's "World Map" as a Bubble Chart

    I was able to download it as a pdf, not sure how to bring it onto the forum though.

    I could link to the document as well, but people would need to have the app for google.doc or something to see it.

    Edit: I'm surprised Imgur let me upload a png version, and you did say "or something," so here's a large png file: o/
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