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  1. Default Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    If you're going to spend X amount of money on Maple, then you should do ____ with it.

    I want to satisfy my Maplestory urges without breaking my wallet too much.

  2. Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    Depends on how easily your urges are satisfied first

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    Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    You don't spend NX for fun, you do it out of compulsory nature or to alleviate "fun pain".

  4. Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    I find anything in this game that requires real money results in gambling, this includes cubing & gach.

    I guess gambling can be fun but if you lose control that wallet will diminish.

  5. Cash6 Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    I know that most things are a gamble with maple, but what I'm looking for is a guaranteed payoff. Like, gachapon or marvel runs probably aren't worth it spending 10 dollars, but doing ___ is worth it at that price. Or if you're spending 50, then you should do ____. If I had enough disposable money, things would be easy enough no matter what I do, but I don't.

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    Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    That's just it. There are no guaranteed payoffs. Nexon made sure that anything good has to be gambled for, and the useless results are always way more common than the useful ones.
    There are things in Cash Shop that give you exactly what you bought - like clothes and pets - but they don't give you much of an edge. (Well, a looting, healing pet is somewhat indispensible for serious playing, but that's hardly "pay to win". More like "pay to not suffer".)

  7. Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    Nothing in the cash shop really, unless there is some a amazing deal like cubes/scrolls for something like 50-80% off, which happens once in a blue moon and never returns. Trading items or mesos for nx is probably the most "efficient", but it is against the ToU and you could get scammed. Unless you have good gear and you want to take advantage of a cubing or scroll event, not much really.

  8. Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    There's nothing in maplestory besides meso sellers that give you a guaranteed result, gacha/marvel are filled with crap, and you're at the mercy of either NX selling(risking account) or cubing for results. Odds are naturally stacked against you. So if you want to invest money to be able to I assume boss, you're looking at a $300-$1200 depending on high you want to get. That's for midtier.

  9. Peanuts
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    Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    The most efficient ways of paying to win are all against the ToS.

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    Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    just here to drive the point home further, there is nothing guaranteed unless you sell the NX, every single other way of upgrading involves gambling with terrible odds against you.

  11. Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    Selling nx for mesos/equips is still a gamble.

  12. Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    You can buy protection scrolls and stuff in the CS, that's about the only thing though. And that's a terrible investment unless your equips are all worth $200 each anyway. Until your gear has 2+ lines of useful legendary pot, they're not worth protecting.

  13. Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    I agree with stereo; godly scrolling equips like superior gollux set, will increase your range a lot.
    but as far as funding yourself goes... the long "con" works, depending on your patience.

    Most people have the money/meso to be impatient, and buy whatever they greed whenever they see it.
    If you have a desirable item, you can sell it now, before the price drops later.
    examples: superior gollux pendant, 25% boss neb
    If you plan ahead of time for events like cube sales, or miracle cube time, you can profit from all-class equips and generate more revenue than you started with. This (slow) method for gaining meso is of course, more dependent on luck of cubes/scrolls, and less on a direct meso/usd exchange rate. another drawback is 10b meso cap. it is difficult to buy things that cost more than 10b mesos, BUT, require the same "trust" as would be for direct usd funding.

    Personal Experience: During the last miracle time, i used 100 crafted legendary cubes (value <80m per cube) and 3 packs of red cubes (value 11k per pack?). That's just under 10b converted meso cost at that time. The actual cost to me was nearly HALF that, via blade farming & fm hunting for cheapest crafting materials. I mostly cubed items to SELL, not personal upgrades. after selling all those items, I had over 20b in mesos.

    I dont know the exact price because I keep flipping items, so the direct gain was lost in the numbers. Getting To The Point... I used quite a lot of valued funding and doubled my original investment, BUT, my range went nowhere. It's a month later, and i'm not any stronger than I was. I have even more mesos now and virtually nothing I want/need to buy. Here's the kick in the face... the 2 or 3 items I want right now are only being sold for PP/MP/USD, which i just do not support doing. If one person pays, and the other trader walks away (i.e. scams) there is nothing that can be done. the money/items are just gone.

    The Easiest way to fund yourself (via direct usd) is to find someone quitting, and pay for all their equips. lots of people sit on their equips for months "quitting" because they want to see USD return for all the USD they spent on NX and things. If you can find/trust a person like that, then you take all the work out of scrolling/hammer/cubing your gear yourself.

    a certain person selling a certain heart, had better hurry before the price deflates due to Titanium Heart

  14. Default Re: Efficient Ways To Pay To Win

    Shield scrolls are better, more people need them for gollux and there are never free ones except from next anni shop plus their price is similar.



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