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Thread: [Windia] P/C>17% Dex Tyrant Belt

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    Is this tempest belt worth anything? I bought it since it looked like a good deal but it isn't selling
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    Isn't that a tempest belt, why is this named Tyrant belt? Also I'm pretty sure because of Tyrant belts being relatively cheap now is why that won't sell very easily.

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    Typo, sorry. Was looking at a bunch of tyrant equips earlier and I wasn't thinking straight. I suddenly feel stupid for buying this at 1.3bil, how much do you think I could sell it to someone for?

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    I'm not entirely sure seeing how most the times dex isn't a very favorable stat compared to int str and especially luk. I think you could get like 900 mil maybe? Don't take my word on that however I don't merch much.



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