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    Default Turkey bans Twitter

    2-3 days late but there's still no thread so...
    This guy is a joke. tbh, this shouldn't be allowed to happen in a country that's in NATO etc. and... no hope of getting in EU now at least.
    @DavyJonesx probably knows more about this.

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    Yea so like.
    Erdogan is a twat.
    But all the other people that are up for election are even worse, so we're stuck with this idiot.
    And btw; with a simple change to our dns, everyone can and is still using twitter.
    So I don't really get wtp he's trying to achieve with this.

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    You massively overestimate the average persons computing knowledge if you think "everyone" is still using twitter.

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    Default Re: Turkey bans Twitter

    It's just... I can't be the only one seeing the double standard here.

    Imagine what USA would've said already, if Putin had announced they're blocking facebook, youtube, twitter in Russia. But oh wow, now when it's a NATO country in question, US or NATO don't say a word! West should get some consistency for their bullcrap.

    When this zealot dictator of Turkey decides to declare a war on some country without any reason, will NATO gladly come for help to slaughter innocent civilians?
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  5. Default Re: Turkey bans Twitter

    That's not how NATO works.

  6. Default Re: Turkey bans Twitter

    Satellite just went full retard.

    The White House issued a statement:

    Russia does have a biased television network called RT that is a highly popular multilingual foreign news channel well known for employing bias and receives heavy funding from the Russian government. RT America has several offices in major United States points such was Washington D.C., New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. So even though Putin hasn't announced censorship, there is a propaganda machine that exerts its presence from the United States wherein which the United States has tolerated its existence within its borders (as far as I am aware). Therefore to address your hypothetical, given the current situation there has been relatively consistent treatment of the situation with respect to how we treat similar problems to your choice of Russia to our inaction in Turkey with respect to national identities exerting inappropriate influence over the media.

    I think a more apt analogy given the circumstances may be to the Arab Spring in which Egypt tried to eliminate the country's internet access to prevent protestors from sharing videos and posts regarding the riots. The Obama Administration supported the demonstrations and denounced the actions undertaken by the respective governments as an affront to the concept of liberty, but no military or economic maneuver had been undertaken as a response (again as far as I am aware). Considering that Egypt is not a part of NATO it's not accurate to gauge that your view of hypocrisy isn't a point that should be leveraged only on the basis of NATO but on our hesitance to be involved in foreign affairs after being led by a previous executive who heavily pushed for protecting democracy on a world stage and engaging in a war against a leader with no evidence or rational justification for engaging an invasion.

    Yeah, no.



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