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  1. Default What to do with 30k NX

    Hey guys I will be getting 30k nx soon
    Gachapon used to be really good a few years ago but if I want to be making mesos should I go for permanent surprise boxes or gachapon?
    What else do you recommend me to use my money on?

  2. Default Re: What to do with 30k NX

    Gachapon can net you some really good profit, but it's incredibly risky and more times than not you're going to come out with a loss.

    Surprise boxes are good if you want to earn some money. I'd probably go with them.

  3. Default Re: What to do with 30k NX

    Selling it for meso would probably be the best thing you could do to be honest. Surprise boxes are a gamble but you might get lucky, you'd have to then buy a shop and sell whatever items you get though.



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