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  1. Default RA potions + alchemy potion stacking

    Can you stack one of these?

    1. Root Abyss 20% ignore + alchemy potion 20% ignore
    2. Root Abyss 20% boss + alchemy potion 20% ignore
    3. Root abyss 20% w.att + alchemy potion 20% ignore

    Need to decide if I need to cube for more PDR or if I can get them through potions, at least some of it, for Chaos Vellum ofc.

  2. Default Re: RA potions + alchemy potion stacking

    Assuming you playing xenon as your main job, the root abyss pots don't stack with your skills. Maxtrix cancels #1, ooparts cancels #2, I didn't know there was 20% attack pot, but that one should be valid. I actually never tested the new alchemy pots yet. Root abyss pots all seem to get wiped after a death and a buff freezer doesn't save them.

  3. Default Re: RA potions + alchemy potion stacking

    This must be a bug for you then. I used these root abyss potions before with offensive matrix, they also act like alchemy potions in EMS so they dont vanish when I die. Guess I have to ask a KMS'er about this if its not working as intended in GMS.



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