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  1. Default Damage over time?

    How is damage over time calculated? I'm basically trying to figure out how to get from my damage range to the damage that Venom inflicts onto monsters.


    Damage range:

    Venom damage:

    I have +40% damage (20% gloves, 10% kanna, 10% demon avenger links) if that's affecting it which I feel like it probably is.

  2. Default Re: Damage over time?

    Total Damage does not affect Damage Over Time from what I can tell so you wouldn't be able to get your range from just that.
    ...Unless it's changed recently and I didn't notice. Last time I played around with it it didn't seem to, but that was a few months ago.

  3. Default Re: Damage over time?

    That's irritating don't want to take off my link skills just to test stuff, does make sense that it wouldn't work though. I originally guessed it'd be max damage range * whatever the DoT amount is (so 1.6 for Fatal Venom) but that doesn't work, so I dunno.

  4. Default Re: Damage over time?

    Did some testing of my own with Oz's Flame Gear after taking off a bunch of equips (Oz's Flame Gear is 100% DoT so it makes calculations super easy):

    DoT and range with Hero's Gloves:

    DoT and range without Hero's Gloves:

    Pretty sure there'd be a much bigger difference if the 20% Total Damage worked.

  5. Default Re: Damage over time?

    Damage over time is your max damage without Total Damage times the rated damage.

    In Mazz's case, his max damage is 1801206. He has 40% Total Damage which is displayed in range, so you divide that out. His clean max damage is now 1286575.7. Multiply that by Toxic Venom's rated damage 1286575.7 * 1.6 = 2058521

    In Green4Ever's case there may be a character card, link skill, or other gear unaccounted for.



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