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  1. Default Why is maple running so slow on my current PC?

    Yeah so i moved and left my computer at my moms, and for some reason she wont give it the fck back , So I traded a laptop for this semi new (3-5) year old computer and maple just runs so crappy its unbelievable .. I can't go to FM1 or channel 1 let alone train or boss or anything like that .. It's VERY laggy and frames glitch even @ the lowest resolution,, either in windows mode or full screen it doesn't effect it. If you guys know of anything I can do other than buying a new PC let me know please.. Here are my specs

    Running on Windows XP
    intel pentium processor e5400 @ 2.70GHz
    3.24gb RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 210 graphics card
    Hardrive is fairly small 34gb harddrive

    if you need any other information just ask

  2. Default Re: Why is maple running so slow on my current PC?

    Maple will run very, very badly on anything that isn't Core2Duo or better. I recently went through my pile of PCs to weed out what will run Maple and you can't do it on intel mobile processors/chipsets (like the E series or Celeron). The lowest specced PC I have that runs maple SOMETIMES is a Dell laptop from 2007 that has an Intel Dual Core in it (Win XP, 2G RAM, onboard Intel graphics). It only runs on empty maps, though. My current rule of thumb is that if the processor can run in 64bit mode, then it should be just enough (so long as it's not a mobile architecture).

  3. Default Re: Why is maple running so slow on my current PC?

    Yeah I guess it is my processor than.. It's only running 32 bit , nothing special in it I dont know if I can upgrade my processor without upgrading my PC tho , thanks for the input, Is it safe to say that its the processor im running?

    edit-- apparently it's running on 64 bit , my motherboard is 32bit . I don't think my processor is a core2duo it might be a dual core tho .. I don't know im frustrated with dealing w/ this cause the answers I get from the people who worked on my computer either don't know or worked w/ so many computers in this household that they just dont know which is which .. pissing me off



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