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    Hello everyone,

    A while back, I achieved 100% crit clean on my corsair which was something I'd been aiming for for quite some time. However, to get this, I've been using the super old school explorer crit ring (It was the first one that Nexon released, the one that gives 10% crit and 10% min crit damage iirc, maple's not open right now, i really SHOULD be working on a paper..)

    When I was playing around a bit earlier today, I found that replacing the ring with even a 12% DEX 4 ATK Unleashed ring raises my range by about 12k ish, so the potential to raise my damage even more with some higher end rings is quite promising.

    I was just wondering what would be the best option in your minds? Keep the crit ring because 100% crit clean is badass? Replace the crit ring in favour of better range? Maybe get a pair of decent SE gloves to have a reliable way to get 100% crit?

    In case it matters, I'm at about 415k clean range

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    if you can reach 100% crit without DSE, then yes, take the ring off and get DSE. much better.

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    You should share where your 100% crit rate is coming from to help people make recommendations. There's always inner ability if you haven't already got crit rate there. The honor and inner ability system will be changed soon so hopefully it will be easier to get the lines you're going for.

    I managed to get 22% crit rate on an S rank line before IA was revamped for the first time. It's not so easy at the moment with only the cash circulators to obtain legendary lines.

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    Awesome, sounds good, thanks!

    At the moment I'm getting it from:

    Crit Ring: 10%
    Beast Tamer Link Skill: 7%
    Phantom Link Skill: 15%
    Marksman Character Card: 3%
    Hyper Crit: 10%

    My passive skills give me 50% crit on top of that

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    I'd go ahead and replace the critical ring, seeing how the stats/%stats from an endgame 3rd-tier ring tends to exceed the +10% min. crit dmg bonus from the crit. ring.

    If you're interested in knowing why, there's many posts on SouthPerry that demonstrate the math behind it and explain why it tends to be true for most cases.

    Ideally, I think it's best to avoid obtaining crit. rate from regular potential, inner ability, and character cards as there's far better alternatives (e.g. Buff Duration, Boss Damage for IA; completing a 3-card set bonus more easily).

    As mentioned in the post above, get a Decent SE glove (preferably an entirely separate glove that you can cast+switch, if you are able to complete ranked dojo) for the 10% crit. rate and 15% max. crit dmg.

    And there's always bonus potential for weapons if you need small crit. rate boosts, but neither is it easy to obtain, nor is it as reliable as the former options.

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    Thanks! That's what I was thinking, but it's always nice to see some solid numbers to support it.

    I haven't really started optimizing my character card sets yet, but I'm sure that will be a whole other predicament once I start working on it



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