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    Default Really Michigan?

    Michigan has a new law that took effect today. It seems to me to be going overboard in punishing victims of a heinous crime further. I am not posting this to start an Abortion Debate. Just wanted people to see some of the means Right To Lifers are taking to further their agenda at the expense of rape victims.

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    Today is one of those days I wish the US had a multi-party instead of a two-party system.

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    Default Re: Really Michigan?

    Agreed. Or at least have the existing, smaller parties have a bit more recognition.

    "would require a woman to predict a rape and purchase insurance before a sexual assault if she chose to have an abortion"

    Just another aspect that is essentially promoting rape culture, imo.

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    Default Re: Really Michigan?

    Wow, just when I think things could not get anymore backwards, pomegranate like this happens. Never ceases to scare and amaze at the same time

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    It is actually the worst thing ever. They are literally raping rape rights. It's disgusting. Everyone here is outraged.

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    Default Re: Really Michigan?

    That is truly disgusting. How any of these people can think they are doing the "right" thing is astonishing.

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    Pfft we could have 100 parties but as long as money has a place in politics it doesn't matter.


    And I'm proud to say maryland is attempting to get that done right now!

    As for the topic, I find it odd how obamacare is wrong for catholics because it has the option to get contraceptives, BUT YA KNOW, JUST IN CASE, WE'LL OFFER AN INSURANCE OF IT SPECIFICALLY TO POTENTIAL RAPE VICTIMS (higher premiums based on how you dress!), THEREFORE MAKING ABORTION HAVE NO JUSTIFICATION, CLOSE YOUR LEGS LADIES.

    $10 some sort of lobbyists just wanted to get more pocket change in the f`ucking insurance companies pockets.

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    Truuu. #kochbroslyfe

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    Just today?



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