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  1. Default Best mage class?

    (*not sure if this thread suppose to be in this forum*)
    sooo... im looking for opinions about the mage classes,
    atm, i have a geared bishop and im looking on making another mage class to main,
    i do not want to change my job to i/l or f/p...
    my options are:

    which is best for mobbing and which is best for bossing in ur opinion?
    which is more fun?

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    As mobbing goes I would say BaM and Lumi would be the best, maybe Evan for bossing? I haven't really played my Evan too much to give a good opinion on that. (Nor really a BaM but from what I've seen they seem to be really good with mobbing).

    Fun however I can't really say because everyone is different but I found BT pretty fun.

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    Default Re: Best mage class?

    Bossing : Evan,F/P,BaM.
    Mobbing : Lumigod,Evan,BaM.
    Fun : Lumigod,Evan.
    I would go with Evan since you probably have a staff ready.
    And it's pretty easy and fun to level/boss with. The only downside I see for Evans, is the lack of actual stat resist (170 hyper doesn't count that much ).
    Or you really could just switch to F/P, you won't be dissapointed at all.

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    I wouldnt say that status resistance is a downside on Evans anymore. 9/16 of the time you will have a 95% base status resistance, and the rest of the time you will have just a 15% which is nearly the same that the rest of the mages have(except for Lumi and Bishop).

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    Despite the lowish DPS, lumi has a lot of utility at bosses with a bind andranged attacks for gollux. They have a bit of ignore resist as well, so your damage won't be cut in half

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    That's physical resistance not pdr

  7. Default Re: Best mage class?


    I would pick Lumi > BaM > Evan if I had to play a mage.

    What you find best in a class is up to you. Looking up videos is one of the best ways to get good examples of a class.

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    Default Re: Best mage class?

    I just love how no one has brought up Kanna as a mage class on this thread.

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    Because threat started wanted to pick between the 4 he listed, kanna isnt on that list.

    My opinion:

    Since I hate the non KMS lumi I'd ignore that totally.

    Battlemage is melee, which makes it less appealing to me, I really dont like getting toyed with at pierre and so on for being melee. Not to mention how gollux solo is much harder because of that factor too. Yes bkb is long range but you lose a lot of dmg by not being able to hit finishing blow.

    Now that I think about it, I dont like any of these mages at all, but if I had to pick I would probably go with Evan. But if KMS lumi was an option it would be that > everything.

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    Uhm, Battle Mage, duh. I'm totally not biased.
    They got the HP, the def, the dodge, the crit, bossing (Battle Rage + already 20% bossing/PDR on Finishing Blow), mobbing, HP recovery, spammable hyper, and, most importantly, the auras! Another hyper that's pretty cool is that every time you tele, you get to be invincible for 1 second, which is pretty useful against bosses.
    And with the upcoming FLY update, we'll be able to wear any kind of staff instead of relying only on Fast ones.
    But you can't make one at the moment...

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    You mean that mule class?

  12. Default Re: Best mage class?

    No, there's magic/elemental resist as well, which Luminous completely ignores with Arcane Pitch (Similar to Void Elemental and that arch mage thing). The skill also gives 40% PDR.

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    F/P, I/L, Evan or Luminous are the 'top' for bossing and training. Battle Mages are good, but since they don't ignore elemental resistance they fall behind at high level bosses. Personally I can't stand F/Ps, despite being the strongest theoretically (and probably in practice too, if you know what you're doing), because most of the attacks are rather slow/irritating to use. I'd either go with I/L or Luminous, cool (ha) animations, good at bossing and training and both pretty strong.

    If Evan had a proper revamp (updated animations mostly) I'd say go with that, but most Evan skills look pretty bad now compared to newer classes. They are strong and rather fun though.

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    imo Luminous. Reflection is the best mobbing attack in the game. In terms of bossing, they're very practical despite having low theoretical DPS. Bind is incredibly useful at higher level bosses, Reflection is great at Gollux, and Ender spam is one of the highest sources of burst damage in the game.

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    I’d go with Luminous for its teleport skill alone. I always get disappointed playing other mages and not being able to reach places I want.

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    Default Re: Best mage class?

    Aside from things that people quoting you have already stated, Kannas are weak.

    The fact that they require two fans to do better damage is also a turn off.

    I put my bishop gear on my kanna for awhile and the drop in damage was just sad.



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