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    Default Planning on Livestreaming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on TwitchTV

    Hello there, because this Saturday is the day I will be livestreaming as part of my month of Wii U stream (I posted a topic but didn't bother bumping it,) I decided that I will be doing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as the next game for the stream event on TwitchTV.

    I will be playing this game online with Skype call with someone. You can also play online using a Nintendo 3DS if you don't have the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, you need a Wii U console and Wii/Wii U LAN adapter as well as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Packet Replay Tools software on the Wii U in order to play this game online on a 3DS. I highly recommend playing online using the Wii U version of it since it's much more simple.

    I will be using Nightbot so everyone is allowed to request songs on youtube. Just please don't request a video that is 10+ minutes long.

    When: Saturday, March 15th 2014. 12:00 PM CST to 4:00 PM CST and 5:30 PM CST to 9:30 PM CST.

    My TwitchTV channel:



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