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    How do you report and ban hacker ..... when hacker do this.... the moment you come to their map they dc hack and / or map crash you

    and then how do nexon track hacker if they did log a ticket to nexon.... cuz these hacker are so smart... they know how to get around

    How does nexon stop and ban hacker if they hack/bot today and tomorrow train legit for a few hour and repeat again ... how does nexon going to stop that?

    cuz a few of my friend try senting ticket and it doenst seem to be working cuz hacker bot for a few day and then train for a few day... how does nexon know

    and my friend is losing hope ... and he even start thinking if nexon doenst do anything ... he will start doing like what those hacker do... like they all said... if you cant beat them join them.... this is so sad.... im losing few my friend to become hacker too...

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    > Implying reporting characters actually does anything.

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    Record it using frapps or something, even if it's a single frame it's video evidence and the IGN should be present as long as you can get it on screen. Then submit a ticket of the video and hopefully they'll look at it.

    Other than that, why act surprised? It's been like this for at least 8 out of the 9 years it's been out. If you don't like things are handled don't expect change just because you had a sudden epiphany.

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    We have been trying to get specific hackers banned since they first showed their pomegranateeating faces in MapleStory seven or so years ago.
    The report button is a lie, and has always been. Reporting them through tickets is just as useless.

    And even if hell freezes over and you are succesful, Nexon will just unban them a few months later because they think, in their infinite oblivion, that they get more paying customers that way.

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    Or you can try to contact a Volunteer, see if they'll pass it on directly.
    Make sure you have some kind of proof though.

    And if they do get banned, they'll probably get unbanned in another "Second chance event".
    Really, it's not worth it. If only GMs did their job properly, we wouldn't have this problem.

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    and mostly get ignored then anyway.



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