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  1. Default Maplestory Indonesia

    They just released the trailer and the social media pages today. Thoughts on it?

    Main Webpage

    Credit: Coppersan

  2. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    Isn't Indonesia in Southeast Asia, causing for redundancy?

    I feel like this will quickly go the same way BrazilMS did.

  3. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    Yeah, I thought Indonesia would fall under the MapleSEA category, but I guess not

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    Different language.

    I've no idea whether the gaming population in Indonesia is large enough to support their own Maple franchise, though.

  5. Sacred cow Male
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    Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    Question is, where are they starting at?

  6. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    I hope they start from the beginning. Might try and play it if possible.

  7. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    Yay for regional variation I guess? Maybe this'll flourish and we'll see "exclusive" content from over there migrate to GMS like Hayato and Kanna did from JMS (tothebestofmyknowledge).

  8. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    Semoga sukses

  9. Neon Atom Male
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    Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    err they should combine it with sea since sea has malays that do speak kinda the same language as indo

  10. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    Damn man. Introducing a 10 year old game to a new region. I wonder what made the figureheads of Nexon do this.

    Wonder if it's the new CEO's doing.

  11. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    It's being taken on by a third party distribution company. More than likely they were looking for an online game that they can "franchise" that is popular. Nexon/MS fit the bill.

  12. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    I just looked up the other versions of MS on Strategywiki and just realized that VMS and ThMS are no more. Maybe I knew about VMS back then, but it's been so long that I forgot lol. Wasn't expecting Thailand to go though . Wonder why ThMS went rip [EDIT] Read why, rip. Kind of hope they'll bring back Floating Market and/or their monsters some day. At least there's only one 'T'MS now, heh.

    At first thought, seems like this server(?) won't last long like BMS and VMS. Thinking about it more, ehhhh it might get a chance like EMS, just might.
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    Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    That was my immediate reaction. I mean this isn't 2008 or even 2010 anymore…do they start pre-Ossyria and go from there or from the current version?...

  14. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    I think they will start from Big bang and on and on

  15. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    For the people questioning where they are going to start. The video that is playing on their website shows mercedes, demonslayer, the new netts pyramid, but no avenger, xenon, zero, etc. It even shows "Jett" as a playable class for a split second.

  16. Brick Male
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    Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    So probably our Legends update.

  17. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    Starting up new MS servers in this day and age?
    Surely there must be way better options for a publisher... Perhaps they got it at a substantial discount?

  18. Default Re: Maplestory Indonesia

    Probably Mutiny or whatever it was called, they show Phantom and a post-revamp Outlaw skill that I don't know the name of.

    Also, RIP Dragon Buster



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