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Thread: #Jazeon4mod

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    Default #Jazeon4mod

    The hero we need, but do not deserve or (as a whole) want.

    and before you ask, no. this isn't a joke. dead serious here.
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    Is... this even really appropriate? If you have a problem with him just take it up in PMs or VMs >_>

  3. Default Re: #Jazeon4mod

    He has no problem with Jazeon and is serious, although I'm not sure how having a person embittered with SP's users as a mod will help the forum.

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    I'd like to think that putting a thread title such as "#Jazeon4mod" in the shenanigans forum kind of contradicts the supposed seriousness he's trying to convey.

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    I dunno how well it would fare in the speakeasy either really.




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