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  1. the Immutable Neuter
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    Default The term "minority"

    I do not agree with the use of this word anymore.
    This is just a random thought that occured to me while I was out driving today, but I realized how much this word is just a bad word to use to describe a group of people.
    Whenever I hear the term, like in a radio ad for a temp agency, I always think of people that are black, hispanic, asian, etc. Yet, the thought came to me that the word has no meaning when used in that context in reference to any given region when I think of it like that. Let's say I live in an area where the population of ethnicities is (throwing out random numbers) 40% black, 24% asian, 12% white, and x% hispanic. By using the term "minorites" to describe the population in the area, wouldn't the word be used to describe the number of non-black residents in that area? Same for any background/ethnicity really.
    I don't get why the word is still used today. By it's usage and definition, it seems self-contradicting in my opinion.

    Or maybe my random ideas aren't as clever as I'm led to befool myself with.

  2. Default Re: The term "minority"

    I guess if they're not the majority in that area, it means they're a minority?
    Makes sense to me atleast

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
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    Default Re: The term "minority"

    The term is not per locality, it's in general for the country.
    However, I thought you were going to complain about people considering women a minority, when numerically they're the majority.

    Either way, the term's meaning in that context is "part of a group that isn't the one in power". In other words, anyone who isn't White-heterosexual-Christian-male in the USA.

  4. Default Re: The term "minority"

    Its better then using insults to represent a minority group. (that's all I have to say!)

  5. Default Re: The term "minority"

    The term is highly antiquated. In truth, minority needs to be either further defined, or broader.
    For all i know, chinese are the majority and we are the minority.

    However you put a lot of thought into this, you should report your findings.

    Make sure you call it... The Minority Report.

  6. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
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    Default Re: The term "minority"

    I hated learning about the concept of Target and Agent groups (essentially where this topic leads), and me merely complaining about it gets me labeled that I don't want to be seen as being in the "Agent" group.

    Essentially, the idea is that because I am a White Male, I am almost always in the Agent group because it is based on nations rather than local areas. I have had moments where I was basically being oppressed from other ethnic groups that are considered to be in the Target group. The concept as a whole is flawed because it assumes that with your privileges of things such as being White, Male, or Rich, that you are essentially forcing your "superiority" over the other groups.



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