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    Does anyone know Eunwol's chair (a picture and please do tell me if it's tradeable). Most jobs have a chair for them (ex. relaxer)

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    Nexon forgot about it, or that we can't remember what it is. Honestly, I kinda forgot him actually, didn't seem to be memorable.

    /seriously i have no clue, if he got one, it was probably during a hot time, but Zero's didn't get a chair either.

    If max's blog has nothing on it...

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    EunWol's chair is in the second last row of the left inventory, and yeah its tradeable :)

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    And you have those meme chairs too. Nice.

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    is it obtainable through like a tutorial quest or from like a hot day event?

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    @HighOnMushrooms; Can you take a screenshot of what it looks like when you sit on it?

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    You get it through the tutorial, dunno when though, I didn't even notice he had a chair until I saw it in FM like last week LOL.



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