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Thread: [Update GMS] Patch Available - GMS 1.47

  1. Default Patch Available - GMS 1.47

    Nexon posted a patch for GMS version 146 upgrade to version 147.
    You may download this patch from their official site and begin creating your pre-patcher now.
    Extractions and database updates will be forthcoming (if supported)!

    Size: 29091565 (bytes) (27.74 mb)

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  2. Proton Straight Male
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    Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.47

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.47

    I'm curious to see the list of bugs fixed in this patch (I'm assuming it's all bug fixes). But I suppose they won't post that until the maintenance is over.

  4. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
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    Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.47

    I hope you're right. I've been praying for those BM fixes.

  5. Trump minus th money
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    Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.47

    usually minor patches are decimal additions to the previous patch, not a whole increment.

  6. Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.47

    I did this one yesterday before I went to bed.

    This doesn't have much (if anything) in it.



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