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Thread: A few questions

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    When did they decide to make party quest have limits?
    Is the Maplestory Reddit page even worth going on? Barley any people are there.
    How do you guys get so much money/mesos? You're making me feel so poor!
    Training has been kinda slow for me. I'm currently a Lv76 TB.

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    What limits are you speaking of?

    Well I recommend the official maple forums, southperry and basilmarket to satisfy your social needs.

    Either spend a buckload of time on crafting items like half earrings, extracting and selling item crystals and sell boss drops for mesos or buy premium style box from the cash shop and you can make tens if not hundreds of millions of mesos in a matter of days.

    Post RED training guide.

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    The PQ limit was created when they revamp the PQs to give good exp.

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    I'm usually on Basil and here. I guess I'll go try out the maple forums. As for professions, any suggestions?

    Thanks, that explains why I guess

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    Mining + Crafting would be ideal so you can gear up your main character and sell some stuff.
    The EXP was increased but they added a limit so that you don't level up too quickly through PQs.



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