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  1. Default Legendary Hunter Medal

    Last month, a friend suggested that I accept the Veteran Hunter medal quest from Dalair, just to track how many kills I was able to get. Well, this was the result after 28 days:

    The only person that comes to mind that could have beaten my kill count would be InmateSearch, but I'm not sure if he accepted the quest. Interested to see if any other servers have people that compete for this medal. :P


  2. Default Re: Legendary Hunter Medal

    Geez, that's alot of monsters. How many hours did you spend grinding in 4 weeks?

  3. Default Re: Legendary Hunter Medal

    Yes, I saw that, I was doing the quest myself as well (for completion's sake) and saw your name on it.

  4. Default Re: Legendary Hunter Medal

    Wow dude, that's a ton of monsters but congratulations all the same.



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