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    I heard there was a way to obtain the Prime Minister card through talking to the Secretary of Magic NPC, but I'm unable to click the NPC at all. Is that supposed to happen now? There's also a quest supposedly available on the map, but no NPCs have a light bulb, nor is there a Mushroom Castle quest listed in the Available Quests lightbulb icon...
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    Wasn't it Mushking himself who gave out the Prime Minister card?

    The lightbulb no longer shows up for "low level" quests (more than 10 levels below yours, I think?), but you can still see it on the mini-map.

    You need to accept the "Mushking in Danger" quest (in your lightbulb notifier on the left side of the screen) before you can get any quests in that map, but I don't think that got reset in any of the revamps, so you shouldn't have to do it if you already did years ago.

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    The results I've been finding said the SoM NPC. Though I can click on the King, all he says is "cough cough" lol...

    I was able to find the quest of "Like the First Time" in Kerning Square. Unless that wasn't particularly more then 10 for me(?)

    Don't think I saw any quest with that title there, and I believe I did it years ago, as I think I noticed other MC quests on my completion list.
    Going to check again.

    Edit - Yeah I have, I'll go to Dances with Balrog to see if I can do anything though.

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    Default Re: Prime Minister Card

    Stupid question, but are you sure you don't have the Prime Minister card already? Most people got it when they killed him.

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    Grey'd out, and I have 8/9 of the Mushroom Castle Set.

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    It depends on what character you're doing it on. For Kaiser and Angelic Buster, they can't even do Mushroom Kingdom quests, so you can't get the card.

    You have to have finished all the Mushroom Kingdom quests already before you can get the card from the NPC; it's only an option in case you did the quest to kill Prime Minister before monster cards started dropping again, since you wouldn't be able to go back in to kill him again.

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    there was a problem back then, when there used to be a level limit on mushroom kingdom quests I think, and shortly after nexon made a system to give out the boss card for those who could not get them. though that has changed by now(due to the countless revisions done to mushroom kingdom as a whole) and anyone should be able to normally get the card as long as you did the quests(unless you haphazardly missed the card upon kill)

  8. Default Re: Prime Minister Card

    (from about 2 months ago)

    I have no idea when they fixed it.

  9. Default Re: Prime Minister Card

    These are the quests that I could find under the completed Henesys tab:

    Sending Provisions (1)(2)
    The Test
    Truth Revealed
    Exploring Mushroom Forest (1)(2)(3)
    Over The Castle Walls (1)(2)(3)(4)
    The Story of Betrayal
    Jame's Whereabouts (1)(2)(3)
    Killer Mushroom Spores (1)(2)(3)
    Eliminating the Rest
    Mushking in Danger
    The Identity of the Princess
    Stop the Wedding
    The Seal of the Empire
    Where’s Violetta?
    The Story Behind the Case
    Friendship with Bruce
    King Pepe’s Scroll

    I've gotten the card before, on my Aran (when the 40 and under thing existed).
    I remember being disappointed that I got the card then, but I don't remember being more disappointed from not getting the card on my Spearman/DK. In fact, I don't remember doing the quests on my main at all lol...


    Oh um, I found a quest on my recommended tab.
    Scratch that, Kerning Square shows similarly and I've finished everything there...



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