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  1. Cash1 MapleStory Survey/Project

    Hello, as a requirement for my high school science and technology course we have to complete and present a research project along with a presentation about the topic. Due to the bad reputation video games have I decided to tackle with topic. For this research project I am going to survey people who play video games and observe the results.

    Link to reaction flash game;

    Please Answer the following questions on a 1-10 scale (1 being lowest, 10 being highest)
    *Remember to post Before, then After playing (or as 1 post whatever works best for you) (:

    Stress Levels-
    Feeling of Accomplishment-
    Pride/Self Confidence-
    Response Score-

    I need to test the improvements or decreases due to video games. Sorry I didn't make my self clear enough. Here's an example;

    Stress Levels-8
    Happiness- 5
    Feeling of Accomplishment- 5
    Pride/Self Confidence- 6
    Response Score- (Take test with link provided)

    (After Gaming)
    Stress Levels-3
    Feeling of Accomplishment-10
    Pride/Self Confidence- 10
    Response Score- (retake test)

    Thanks again.

    *Optional but would help
    Game Played-
    Amount of Time played-

    Thanks soo much for all your help. Any questions feel free to reply to this thread.

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    Default Re: MapleStory Survey/Project

    One thing I'd like for you to investigate is how much of a negative impact the compulsory nature of some of the "features" of this game. Examples include Monster Life, Craftsman-and-above levels of professions, item pots, Hot Time/Day/Weekend/Weeks, Attendance Check Events (and things that are them but masquerade as something else), and even Cash Shop items being time limited not on playtime, but real-world time.

  3. Default Re: MapleStory Survey/Project

    Stress Levels-
    Happiness- 4
    Sadness- 2
    Feeling of Accomplishment- 10
    Pride/Self Confidence- 5
    Response Score- .255

    Age- 22
    Gender- m
    Game Played- cant play maple , cant get old computer back
    Amount of Time played- 30 seconds

    edit ---

    i forgot to say ur in the wrong section



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