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  1. Default Chaos Queen Flames

    When she does her fire attack and it says that you need to throw yourself into the blazing storm attack what exactly does that mean?

    I've tried getting hit by everything and the damage persists unless I die.

    Or is the answer to just never get hit by the flames to begin with?

  2. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    You need to get hit by the purple fire that she spits out to get rid of it. Since most classes can't tank that, the only other way to get rid of it is to die.
    The flames are avoidable if you have enough status resistance though. A Resistance Potion would probably help a bit if it's giving you too much trouble.

  3. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    the attack is NOT supposed to do damage when you are on fire, but, it's 80k damage. sometimes i've been able to spam potions and survive (60k hp kaiser), most times not.

    up your status resist, ive got ~95% and i never get lit on fire. status resistance potion is 10 or 20%, or add bishop.

  4. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    Ah, so its a glitch of sorts? good to know about the status resist potion

  5. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    pretty sure its 30%

  6. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    It's supposed to do damage regardless, you're supposed to tank the fire breath with multiple people in order to reduce the damage to an amount you can actually survive to get rid of the burning status, which kinda sucks if you're soloing on a class with terrible status resistance.


  7. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    The damage of the purple breath attack is about halved for each person that gets hit by the attack. I've gotten hit by a 20k breath attack once and lived with just that since 20k is nothing. Grouping up helps but, seriously just work on your stat resist because its bothersome to tell people to jump into the fire with you whether it be a coincidence or on purpose.

  8. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    didnt think that potion was so much. seems kinda OP now. shrugs.
    some ppl get hit by fire-DoT all the time, its not impossible to dodge since the attack is telegraphed.
    instinctively, people will dodge the fire breath; i will test out (next week) to see how easy/hard it is for a group to tank the fire breath on purpose.

  9. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    It's not difficult to coordinate if there's verbal communication (for example, if someone ever were to catch fire, I could just tell everyone to tank fire breath over Skype), otherwise you need to trust that the other members of your group are paying attention to whether or not people are on fire so they know to tank it rather than to dodge.

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    Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    Ever think maybe this is a feature, not a flaw?

  11. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    I didn't say it was a flaw, I just said it would suck if you wanted to solo.

  12. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    I do have a lot of experience with the boss, but honestly speaking, with just 80% stat resist not counting the stat resist pot, I already rarely get hit by a DoT effect. If you lack sources then use the stat resist pot because it makes that much difference. I hate watching people get 13-20k fire ticks because that pisses me off more especially when they walk into you with that fire too. You're trying to buff or use an attack skill and your auto pot is on spamming spree due to all the sources of damage you taking.

  13. Default Re: Chaos Queen Flames

    its easy enough to dodge, even the initial fireball throws are dodgeable (ima kaiser). but status resistance really is key; plus it helps at pierre for his seal-flames (and empress, who does that anymore)



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