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  1. Default New Collector Medal

    I noticed that this medal that I have, isn't showing up on the Medal tab. Does it not count? I heard there was a way to re-obtain medals, is it not possible for this one?

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: New Collector Medal

    There are quite a few medals that don't appear in the Medals window.
    And they can't, as a rule, be reissued. There might be some that can be re-awarded by whatever NPC gave them out in the first place, but there's no global way as there is for the medals in the Medals window.

  3. Helium Atom Male
    IGN: Lamato/UhWut
    Server: WindWaker
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    Default Re: New Collector Medal

    That medal comes from JMS related content if I'm not mistaken and the Medal reissue system comes from KMS. Both versions conflict which causes the Medal reissue UI to not register that medal and many other non-KMS created medals.

  4. Default Re: New Collector Medal

    Aw, thanks.

    I'll probably discard it if I actually need space in my inventory.



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