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Thread: War in Ukraine?

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    Default War in Ukraine?

    There's that one thread about Ukraine but things are getting more serious now, way more serious, here's the latest:
    "Protecting the lifes of Russians" outside borders? Where have I heard that excuse for war before...

  2. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    Feels like the end is near for all of us sooner or later in the coming few years.
    World's going more to shi't everyday.

  3. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    Lol, that looks legit

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    Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    I'd like to also add that Russia is talking with Venezuela and other countries to install some bases here, so, yeah, I think they expect war with the US...

    It'd be a huge shame if Maduro approves that, Venezuela by history hates war or anything to do with it, we just like to sell/buy just like in WWI and WWII...

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    Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    If WW3 starts just because of this, I'm not sure how I'll be able to handle it.

  6. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    I don't think a WWIII is that near. But I agree with the fact that some countries like russia could be getting kind of ready .

    Also, this doesn't look like the start of something that big to start a massive war. I had more faith in north korea starting a war than what i have now with ukraine

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    The faith of Ukraine could spread to all other countries in Europe tho.
    Imagine all of Europe being as fkd up as Ukraine.
    That would soon lead to sh't in Amerikkka, I think.

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    The problems in ukraine are because the people want to be a part of the EU while their leaders want to work closely with russia.
    Why would the rest of europe be pineappleed up the way ukraine is? The majority of us are already a part of the EU and work together.

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    I'm pretty sure the the people of Ukraine are protesting against the corruption in the government. Ain't no one really give a pineapple about being in the EU. Or naw?

  10. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    ... Do you even know what started all these protests? These protests broke out because their President Yanukovych and his governemnt rejected an accord with the european union back in november in favour of having stronger ties with russia.
    People were mad because the people of ukraine generally want to be integrated with the rest of europe, and this hope of the people had been pomegranate on by the government.

    So you're really pineappleing wrong if you think they don't give a pineapple about being a part of the EU.

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    Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    Don't think WWIII will start, but Russia is definitely messing around with things they shouldn't mess around with. It's like they're trying their best to turn a local conflict into another East vs. West conflict.

    I trust that Finland will stay out of this on political level, but what some experts here are slightly worried about is that this might lead into economic sanctions against Russia, where Finland cannot remain "neutral" and it might hit our economy quite bad because we have so much trade with Russia.

    As for what Finnish people are writing online about Russia... would be against SP rules to quote those here.

  12. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    Yea I know that's the case. But my point was that the protesters want freedom and no more corruption whether or not they are in the EU.

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    You just said "Ain't no one really give a pineapple about being in the EU" which is as wrong as can be.
    The entire protest started BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO BE IN THE EU AND THE GOVERNMENT WANT TO WORK WITH RUSSIA. Yes it's also about corruption in the goverment, because it's no longer democratic and they're even making anti-protest laws. But the whole EU thing is most definitely not forgotten and is definitely also something the ukrainian people still care about.

    Which is why the first post of yours that i quoted about how "Imagine all of Europe being as fkd up as Ukraine. " makes no sense considering that the majority of the european countries do not suffer from corrupt governments that go against the wishes of the people. And the vast majority of european countries are already in the EU.

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    It won't.

  15. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    >Russia brings military
    >Has to assist because of allegiance with EU
    >China defends russia
    >World war Boned

  16. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    China is not likely defend Russia, they are not allies.
    US doesn't have to assist and is not likely since it has zero strategic interest in Ukraine (and probably should defend Russia more than anything if we're looking at this situation as realists). Also Russia is smart enough to know it would not be able to take on EU, US, and co even if it did magically get help from China.

    If anything, the most dramatic thing would be a couple of strikes against Ukraine segueing into an eventual chop-off of the western portion of Ukraine, or at the very least Crimea (since that's what Russia really wants).
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    Wouldn't be much of a miracle since the Chinese and Russians have been flirting with each other since their agreement regarding syria

  18. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    Hungary is a member of NATO, Ukraine is not. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head since I don't know exactly what you're referring to anyways.

    Allies are different from friends (see: US and NZ, though that has changed somewhat recently). Just because they agree with each other over Syria, which is completely logical since both countries oppose foreign intervention in general (though for different reasons), doesn't mean their relations are fantastic.

  19. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    I find it surprisingly you don't actually know why people believe we have an obligation, we signed a treaty known as the Budapest Memorandum, although it's not a guaranteed protection it seems a lot of our foreign policy is backed more by reputation than anything it seems

    Actually their relations have been fantastic for the last year and a half in fact, that's why the possibility is there, especially since they think the west has this outdated cold war mentality. Believe me, the chances of Russia being assisted by the chinese over this Ukraine thing is pretty significant

  20. Default Re: War in Ukraine?

    It's not about if Crimea (wich is the zone in conflict right now because that part wants to be with russia while the others doesn't) is an strategic place or not( and actually it's for russia).

    It's about the on-going conflicts within russia and the USA regarding the anti ballistic missiles shields that USA wants in europe and russia doesn't, the problems wih Edward Snowden and the intervention of Syria that Russia pretty much stopped

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