Hey there, this thread is mainly directed to those who use the account lock method to prevent access to their MapleStory accounts.

Has anyone been having issues with Hotspot Shield lately? Every single time I have attempted to lock my account, there have been issues in which it wouldn't recognize the proxy and it would log in normally rather than bringing up the pop-up to lock the account; neither logging in through the client nor the site work anymore.

If you have been using the account lock method, is there a certain method that needs to be done in order to lock the account? Apparently, the method I've been using for years with Hotspot has been having major issues and frankly it's making me want to flip some tables; other methods I have attempted have failed as well.

Alternatively, is there another program that can be used instead of Hotspot Shield? I'd like to drop the program all together if at all possible preferably, I'm rather sick of it.

If I could get a response as soon as possible, I'd greatly appreciate it; thanks.