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    gonna take this one to the very limit and beYOnD. its based off the previous scenery painting but now with a more involved perspective and detail and colour and composition and i hope this one turns out better than the last ones involving the girl in blue

    talking to other friends in different fields has made me appreciate optometry more. the amount of money at the start is nutty compared to them and everyone else is just happy to even have a job after their degree whereas my course just feels like constant whinging idk. still yeeting myself into med

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    Done all from imagination with no reference as a test of skill. I will start working closer from reference for the next few illustrations to try incorporate it into my workflow.

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    that is actually pretty damn cool, and if it was wider i would probs use it as a screensaver.

    and have you thought of twitch-streaming your artwork? i mean you lose literally nothing. as for medlife, all i can tell you is one will never be happy in that line of parents are doctors, and sure they get paid well but the physical and mental tax is horrible with the hours they have and whatnot. it's a grass' greener on the other side type of deal.

    but hey, you're better trying and giving up orfinding out it wasn't for you (or finding out it was the right call) than never trying and living with the doubt.

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    My computer is too potato to run a stream, it already lags on my hooj canvasses.
    I'm aware medlife will be suffering but its better than the potential mental suffering i'd face in a midlife crisis of what-if. Regardless I'll be spending my next year as an optom anyway

    cheers dood

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    I reread this entire thread from start to finish today at the gym. Was pretty funny seeing the whole dream thing go down hill. I got better for sure though, and I guess in a way I'd be pretty happy 5 years ago if I knew I could draw like this. At the same time I still feel like I need to be better, I couldn't sleep last night just thinking that I didn't paint like Catbib :
    17 year old me was right about the talent thing tho, I still remember the petty argument on Basilmarket I got into about it that inspired me to rant about that kek. F'uck that guy who was telling me drawing was all innate skill. 17 year old me was also right to paint still lives and 17 year old me was especially right when he chose 4chan over deviantart LUL

    I start my first fulltime job as an Optometrist in 2 weeks. Woot.

    I've started to share my art with more than just Tumblr, and I've started to participate more actively in online art communities beyond /ic/. I don't know why though, I don't care for getting paid for my art anymore but actual art friends who arent anons wouldn't hurt. I'll start dumping some art that I've been doing since I disappeared.

    Usual self reflection on this painting; I paint like a p'ussy. Its always soft lighting, easy to handle textures and nothing dramatic. The main reason I don't paint like Catbib or other pro artists is because my paintings and lighting choice don't even give me the room to demonstrate I can do what they do; let alone the experience to reach them. None of this is new to me or this thread though, I've brought it up before and once I finish off Adele its off to do some dramatic lighting studies.

    Damn its been a long 6 years

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    More stuff while I was gone:

    Still life of nerf coponents (early jan) DONE

    Reflection = I learnt not much, I think ive been pretty stagnant on my painting technique, at a glance I'm seeing that I can incorporate increasing complexity and detail in my still lives within the same timeframe which is good,I feel like my overall decision making regarding painting, prioritizing detail and texture has sped up; but the actual FINAL QUALITY hasnt really gone up; this was just grinding.

    Only thing of note I gained was the concept that with complex light interactions for glass; such as the glass in this painting; its not just random visual noise; there are distinct OVERALL bands of shape/tone that have been refracted by certain PATTERNS in the glass (such as the crinkling at the base of the cup) and this results in the conversion of a simple shape into a wavy shape of a corresponding pattern. Tldr: Draw as if the glass wasnt a complex shape; then manipulate those shapes to convey that sense of the glasses form in accordance to perspective and physical laws of refraction (goodluck with that). Did I apply any of that to this painting? No. Not really.



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