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    Reworking an earlier painting with a proper drawing underneath.

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    Got a lot of good advice from /ic/. Realized my overeliance of brush with blending activated and restraint with colours (from still life practice last year) has made a lot of my work very low contrast and dull.

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    overwatch has been taking up a lot of my time. this is the only thing ive properly painted this year so far ._.

    i've just been trying to keep my skills from going completely in the shi'tter by sketchbook drawing and some redlines for anons on /ic/.

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    study of painting I love

    application of that study to something from imagination

    paintover for anon
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    I'm dying bro



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    hello frens

    i am not ded but i srsly regret not applying for medicine fuk optom is hard

    paintover for an anonfren

    edit: incase its not obvious i made the one on the left
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    redrew a friend of a friend's comission to make a point



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