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    Reworking an earlier painting with a proper drawing underneath.

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    Got a lot of good advice from /ic/. Realized my overeliance of brush with blending activated and restraint with colours (from still life practice last year) has made a lot of my work very low contrast and dull.

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    overwatch has been taking up a lot of my time. this is the only thing ive properly painted this year so far ._.

    i've just been trying to keep my skills from going completely in the shi'tter by sketchbook drawing and some redlines for anons on /ic/.

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    study of painting I love

    application of that study to something from imagination

    paintover for anon
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    I'm dying bro



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    hello frens

    i am not ded but i srsly regret not applying for medicine fuk optom is hard

    paintover for an anonfren

    edit: incase its not obvious i made the one on the left
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    redrew a friend of a friend's comission to make a point

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    i should be studying for finals

    danika is 2nd best maple-fu

    unfinished redline i never posted


    some realtalk tiem

    if you're browsing this thead youll notice in maybe page2-3 or something i mention optometry school or medicine school

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i made a mistake

    i shouldve done medicine, i had the marks for it, i wouldve gone interstate

    i wouldve had f U n

    i would've graduated and not have become a refraction drone, a machine for big coporations to sell glasses with

    i wouldve been fuccccccccckiiiiiiiiing fulfilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeee eeeeeeed

    i didnt want it at the time becuase of the 'stress'
    because i didnt want to ever say anything 'bad' to a patient

    thats fuuuucking duumb

    im fuuuucking dumb

    i wanted the free time of drawing. optom was so easy to get into for me so i thought itd be easy to study but obviously nothing in univerisity is ever easy

    iii wasted my time on overwatch

    sooo much f'ucking time. hundreds of hours thats so stupid


    and now its either graduate at 22 as an optometrist and have an /ok/ life but possibly hate my job and deal with feelings of inadequacy for the rest of my life

    or graduate at 26 as a med student (at best) and get sh'it on for years and hate my job possibly for the rest of my life

    whaaaaat the fuccccccck happened to my plansssss

    the extra depressing reality is that one day. im never going to post in this thread again, and god-forbid a database wipe at this rate itll just exist as an archive of someones dreams being crushed/derailed

    bruh. b r U H



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