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    some recent still life paintings.

    medschool is still very fun, i am starting to feel the fatigue and burnout though because unlike optom school i have a lot more financial constraints which require me to work every weekend. so my life is pretty much 5 days uni, 2 days work and it has been as such since the start of Feb.

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    1hr30photo study

    critique from anon was to not be afraid of shadows and to use a smaller brush. I guess that means to push contrast, I agree that I am scared of using darker shadows esp. on female faces. As for the small brush comment, I know I used a large one to block it in so I don't agree, I'm guessing its more that I went overboard with rendering with a small brush and it doesn't have control.

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    this came to me in a dream (srsly). I am trying to learn that nice soft type of generalised lighting that I see some artists do.

    his arm is too long and i will fix this

    general life update: i am vibing in lockdown again, uni is great, my sleep schedule is pretty terrible

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    Incredible art as always. I recently finished a 365 daily sketch challenge, and seeing wonderful pieces like this keeps me going for another year.

    Keep it up!

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    Ay thanks man, congrats on completing 365 days of daily sketching

    Strawberry still life

    Photostudy; 1hr30min~

    Some OC's posted on /ic/

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    Reggo diary stuff:
    Medschool is much much much better than optom. its been 9 months now and I know I am in a much better place mentally. The exams are so much lower stress, the content is so much more engaging. Seeing the doctors in the hospital is so much more inspiring compared to what it was like seeing my optometry supervisors.

    One of my mates from optom school attended an interview yesterday for a different medical university in my state and in the Zoom lobby before the interview, to his shock, he saw our old optometry professor as another interviewee.

    Mans got a PhD, loads of published research, head of a comfy clinic where he gets paid handsomely without having to worry about retail KPIs, has even joined the American Optometry Association as a Fellow (which is a very extra thing to do when you're not American).

    What a weird feeling. I guess in a way it gives me a childish sense of vindication, that I have made the right choice. Even with all that wholesome practice and research ,with all that teaching, it wasnt enough for him.

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    personally i appreciate that you are still keeping this forum (and the dream) alive
    keep drawing in good health, friend; i dig the strawberry



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