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  1. Basic2 Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Hi and welcome to my sketchbook thread

    Here you'll see me eventually transition from beginner to professional and maybe grow up along the way.

    Old first post:
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  2. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    2minute paint spamming and 60 second gesture:

    Random digital study stuff, 10 min a pop to start painting more often and look at how cloth works.

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  3. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    First time taking trying different textures, also I guess I'll try to upload stuff to this thread as often as possible to chart my progress properly.

    Glass, Wood, Metal and Marble
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  4. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff


    Mech version of Pali, the Aggron I obtained in my first ever pokemon game. It was also nice to see some of the effort i put into learning construction finally being used to create something beyond simple spheres, boxes and cylinders.

    I also have the feeling that I'll be posting at least daily for a week before dropping off in updates zzz
    I'd complain about school life but honestly its probably going to be a lot harder to find time as I grow older, even if right now is my HSC year.

  5. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Update on the picforafriend I posted in the OP + Amended censored version that I prepared in case I broke the obscenity rule the first time I tried to post it

    10/10 censorship

    Really rough values:
    [IMG] [/SPOILER]

    Also I'll be editing this post with updates on this pic as opposed to just posting over and over bumping this thread necessarily. I'll probably be doing that for anything else which I want to polish up too.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
    8/3/14 Spent like 30 mins sharpening it a bit no idea how quickly other people can paint but it feels pretty slow to me

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
    10/3/14 Spent another 30 mins on this, pulling out value information from my head is hard when theres not much in there to begin with :L back to

    welp been over a month and i haven't done diddly squat. I PROMISE TO RETURN ONCE IM STRONGER! -20/4/2014
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  6. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    I really hope Nexon comes out with more of these character skins :U


    Blergh, rushed this so i could get more time to study26/3/14
    excuses excuses ill try harder next time, i like the work i put into the shirt though.

    done for now.
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  7. Default MUH LOW ANGLES


    __________________________________________________ ______________
    bshjfgsdjfsajkfhdsajkfhsakjghkadsghak painted over/under/ it for practice -25/6/14
    god her intial face was so derpy oh god cringe cringe
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  8. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Neo city! Still a WIP, as is most things in this thread 3:

    __________________________________________________ ______
    I got this 'done' quickly O.o
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    Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Y'know I am extremely impressed by how much you've improved since your first few drawings here. You've done a lovely job and your works have been gorgeous!

    Just goes to show what enough practice can do.

  10. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Thanks! Still along way to go though

    Aaand current stuff:
    Aiming for 1000 faces >:U
    970 more to go, or 995 considering I fluffed so many of them. Not even sorry for the copious swearing in the notes.

    Working on thumbnails for neo city, aufehben this time as well as a getting ready for the genderbent nightwalker design.

    How I feel about trying to make thumbnails.

  11. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Reformatted my posts a bit.

    Head count is 34/1000 so far, I'll get there eventually. Already noticing a bit of improvement, constructing heads from photoreference doesn't feel as daunting anymore.

    Super rough lines for aufehben + an attempt at less static poses (for iruvata)

    Hghrng people in perspective hurts. Perspective hurts in general. Also beginning to note my shockingly tiny amount of personal work. Nearly everything I do is fanart for a game I no longer play

  12. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Ohhhhh, you're the guy I tried to help out on IRC!

    I'm not able to go over the entirety of the thread, but perspective is only bad if you make it feel bad ― if it looks right, then it is right. A lot of times people will glance over it if your focal point is great.

    Also, I love how you're trying to go over the planes of the face and body. When you're comfortable enough, I feel like you should think about the muscles/skeleton more, especially with your head studies with the muscles.

    Makes me think a lot about first year. '-';

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    Super late reply but thanks for the links and the help back then :D
    I've been going through a book called Perspective Made Easy and its coming together a bit more in my head.

    Thumbnails of random google streetviews(awful), very fancy photography, one painting from Jan Dirksz Both (lovethatguy) and the bottom right corner 3 are from imagination.


    Still Life Digital Paintings are next *-*
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  14. Default stilllifenumber1

    Yessss, finally stuck to one of these instead of giving up within 1minute.

  15. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Didn't want to post again without something 'done' but I cheated with a speed paint.


    Getting a bit better at gesture


    Deciding to revisit Evekara, mini drawthisagain ^^
    Bit concerned that I skipped the construction stage and my gesture came out more like a contour drawing 3:

    Also from filling up my first proper sketchbook, I'm sitting at around 150~ faces now, if unconstructed brushpen scribbles count.

    Also this thread has too many half finished thingos, so I won't post anything new until I patch everything else up or redo it (studies excluded). So that means an Irena drawing, an Aufehben painting and some Iruvatas, as well as the Evekara pic just now.

    Hghrghgrr I need to learn how to face failure

  16. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Post exam drawing break ^^

    My eyes are sore though ;-;

    General grinding, value massed thumbnails, gestures and arm muscles.

    More Evekara progress, caught between just doing it or very carefully and slowly taking the time to put everything in place to the best of my ability with guidelines and prisms. The feet are done by eye and so are the hands zzz.
    Although it did feel good to get the face down quickly without constantly doubting myself, but I'll probably redo it just to be sure. Either way once this is lined up and coloured its onto Irena.

  17. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Fancy wing :U Its meant to be Sacrosanctity in wing form but I'll need to fix up the decorations to get it to read better. (And make it glowy)

    Starting a new practice thingo:
    Although this took me like half an hour I feel my ability to draw a torso is much better than before, just gotta keep studying those arms (and start on legs)

    I've also made a study schedule for art (but not for school OTL), its incredibly loose though and it just requires me to focus on one thing every day of the week for at least an hour.

    Monday->Figure (Digital)
    Tuesday->Landscape (Digital)
    Wednesday->Figure (Traditional)
    Thursday->Photo/Master Painting (Digital/Traditional)
    Friday->Speed Paint (Digital)
    Saturday->Life (Digital/Traditional)
    Sunday->Experiment (Digital)

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    Getting my ass handed to me trying to paint over my old knight lineart

    Definitely need more still lives to get used to handling painting, and more experience in general.

    Some background stuff from study day on Tuesday

    I reckon if I use the same method for the trees, but with much smaller strokes I could make it seem legit.

    Didn't do a photo study yesterday because I'm lazy and school work and exams next week (excuses OTL), realizing the schedule doesn't give enough time for personal work, I'm considering staggering it 1 day personal 1 day study, or 1 week personal 1 week study.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
    Vague life goals so far are:
    -Get into medicine or optometry at UNI while still developing my abilities
    -Get to a professional level of digital art while getting my degree at uni (4-7 years of growth or something)
    -??? ugh
    -Be the very best like no one ever was (seriously)

    Too young, naive and unskilled atm to even consider this properly, yet I reckon have a very good shot at optometry, and once I get in I can easily rack up experience working at my parent's glasses store. Once I land a job working part time I can freelance on the side.

    I feel like the amount of time I spend drawing everyday is gimping my chances though so I'll have to dial it back for sure. My UMAT practice results are alright (got 90% raw today :D), and my really high ranking selective highschool + consistent all-subject performance should be enough but if I keep drawing for the amount of time I do now, my marks will drop.

    gah, the worse bit is realizing life only gets harder from here on out. I want to type something boastful like "ill be ready " but in all honesty I can only hope to try my best and not waste copious amounts of time typing long ass posts on the internet and generally fluffing about.

    At least I'm starting early.
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  19. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Still life saturday spilled into experiment sunday.

    Ahh its 1:31am here but trying to paint this and pushing myself felt so good. Going to pick up reading Betty Edward's Drawing On the Right Hand Side of the Brain to train my seeing ability, its pretty weak and something I should have done at the beginning of the year. I take too long and the results so far are pretty garbage (I'm content with the minor improvement though).

  20. Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    No longer getting my ass handed to me, enjoying this thoroughly actually . Lineart left over it as a guide so I can focus on the bigger shadows and values. (and more so because it looks better than just the rough painting)

    (art) Studying has been at a minimum lately and with exams next week I'll just do a simple still life tomorrow on two metallic objects at most.

    Still haven't gotten around to reading RightHandSideOftheBrain because I'm horribly lazy. I feel like my grasp of super basic stuff like copying images and construction is really weak 3:

    edit: fixed her derpy as hell face, its pretty amazing how my I can just let things like that slip through ._.

    edit2: donefornow (seeinitial post)
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